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Kenny Omega beats Team Impact in great main event at Hard to Kill

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Wrestling worlds collided for a historic main event at Hard to Kill (Jan. 16, 2021) as AEW World Champion Kenny Omega crossed over to compete against Impact Wrestling’s top talent. Omega was joined by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to take on Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, and Moose.

Moose was a late replacement for Alex Shelley. Due to his feud with Swann, there were questions of his reliability. Moose’s desire to win trumped his beef with Swann. Moose was a team player throughout and didn’t work a double cross, despite Don Callis’ urging earlier in the evening.

Team Impact came out first, followed by the Good Brothers. Kenny Omega was the final introduction, and he entered wearing a Halloween Bullet Club shirt.

The match set up tension well in the opening stanza. Anderson and Sabin started. Anderson tried to grind, but Sabin was too quick. Tags to Gallows and Moose. The big men smashed into each other for a stalemate. Tags to the top champs. Omega and Swann exchanged brief collar-and-elbow tie-ups. Omega circled to force Swann into the Bullet Club corner, then Omega shouted, “Get him, boys,” for the Good Brothers to attack. The Bullet Club stomped with glee, but Team Impact rallied back with double dropkicks and a standing moonsault by Moose to Anderson.

Later, the match broke down a bit. That allowed Omega to hit his first V-Trigger of the evening. Swann was the recipient.

Moose prevented Omega from capitalizing as he charged up the turnbuckles for a Spanish Fly.

Sabin pounced for a Cradle Shock cross–legged Samoan driver to Omega. The Cleaner was in serious trouble. Anderson barely made the save on the cover.

The match reset to feature Omega versus Swann. Flush right hands were landing clean by both men. Omega ducked a haymaker to pop a snap dragon suplex then a Tiger Driver ‘98. Team Impact broke up the pinfall.

Omega was setting Swann up on the turnbuckles. Swann headbutt Omega down to the mat. Moose hoisted Omega up on his shoulders, but Omega countered to attempt a One Winged Angel on the big man. Moose escaped back to the original position of Omega on his shoulders for a Doomsday Device with Swann. Omega kicked out on the pin.

Swann unloaded kicks to his wobbly competitor. Omega ducked a high kick to explode with a V-Trigger. One Winged Angel was countered into a reverse rana. Swann hit more kicks and a 450 splash off the middle rope. Omega stayed alive. Swann missed a Phoenix Splash, but he landed on his feet. The Good Brothers ran in for their Magic Killer finisher to Swann. Moose made the save on the pin.

Omega blasted Moose with a V-Trigger. Moose was unfazed, so Omega struck with a second V-Trigger to knock him silly. Omega turned his focus back to Swann for a V-trigger and One Winged Angel for victory.

The Best Bout Machine scored again for a great main event at Hard to Kill. Moose was the star of the match. He stepped up his game with big moves to increase his stock. Moose’s performance makes me desire a singles showdown with Omega. Time will tell if that happens in the future. On this evening, there were no post-match teases for Omega to pursue Impact gold.

Do you think Kenny Omega’s historic crossover lived up to expectations? Who was the star of the match in your eyes?

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