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Sami Callihan’s most sadistic piledrivers in Impact

This week’s top 5 countdown from Impact Wrestling is awesome. It highlights Sami Callihan’s most sadistic piledrivers. Do I really need to sell you on this video? Let’s get to it.

5. Pentagon through a table - Impact Wrestling (Aug. 23, 2018)
4. Ortiz through a table - Bound for Glory (Nov. 5, 2017)
3. Rich Swann onto Lego - Rebellion (Apr. 28, 2019)
2. Katie Forbes crushed - Impact Wrestling (Sep. 22, 2020)
1. Cage off the turnbuckles - Impact Wrestling (Oct 29, 2019)

Glorious violence at its best. Sami is a sick individual. In terms of most sadistic, I’d go with the piledriver on Lego pieces. That’s a special type of evil right there. My favorite visual is from Forbes. She was perfectly perpendicular to the mat. It looked like a cartoon come to life.

Do you agree with Impact’s list for the most sadistic piledrivers from Sami Callihan? Which piledriver looked most painful?

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