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Impact recap & reactions: Heath is a thief

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling (Sep. 15, 2020) featured the Bound for Glory main event being booked, Heath being a thief, Moose calling the Demo God for advice, and much more.

The big news from last night was Rich Swann being booked to compete against Eric Young for the World Championship at the Bound for Glory PPV on October 24. Get those details here.

There were two minor moments that stole the show. One involved the ongoing quest for Heath to secure a job with Impact, and the other was the continuing saga of EC3 tormenting Moose.

In regard to Heath, Rhino opened the back door for Heath to sneak in. They hatched a plan to get money for more #Heath4Impact commercials. That planned revolved around heisting Hernandez. Rhino challenged Hernandez to another arm wrestling match. It was all a ruse for Heath to snatch the wad of cash behind Hernandez’s back. The plan succeeded.

Boy, what a man won’t do for his family. Heath has now resorted to thievery so he can get hired and feed his kids. Make #Heath4Impact trend so the poor guy can get enough momentum to be hired.

As for Moose, he solicited the advice of Chris Jericho. It began when Moose spoke with Scott D’Amore backstage about EC3 stalking him and holding his TNA title hostage. D’Amore was not interested in the story and suggested it all might be in Moose’s head. After D’Amore split, an EC3 promo popped up on the wall. The longer Moose waits, the closer EC3 is to going psycho on the belt. Time is running out.

From one god (Wrestling God) to another (Demo God), Moose phoned up Chris Jericho about when the AEW title was stolen. The Demo God’s advice inspired Moose to know exactly what to do. The bubbly is on Moose next time they party.

That was a creative way to recognize outside events from another promotion. All too often these sort of mentions involve bashing the other party. It was nice for a change to mix in humor this time for a relevant but otherwise insignificant pop.

Let’s roll through the rest of the episode from beginning to end.

The show was dedicated to the memory of Barry Scott. Scott died last week. He had been known for voice work in video packages.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne handled commentary duties.

Kylie Rae & Susie defeated Deonna Purrazzo & Kimber Lee. The finish to this lengthy bout saw Susie channel Su Yung’s signature specials. Susie tagged herself in then ran into a bridging German suplex from Lee. As Lee climbed the turnbuckles, Susie fired up for an upward palm thrust then an Arachnarana to send Lee down to the mat. Susie closed it out with a spinning Panic Switch Samoan driver. Susie was feeling the evil vibes after the win, but Kylie snapped her out of it.

Rohit Raju ran into Trey Miguel backstage. Trey wanted an X-Division title opportunity. Rohit backtracked to claim Chris Bey still has his rematch, and TJP beat Bey last week. It is out of his control for who gets the next title shot. Trey stated that he will smoke TJP to get the championship match.

Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz wanted to be John E. Bravo’s best men for his wedding with Rosemary. Bravo claimed he already had a best man. Fallah Bahh happened to walk by, so Bravo picked him. The ladies left in a huff.

XXXL defeated the Deaners. Acey Romero dropped over 100 pounds. The big boys took it to the Deaners with ruthless attitude. The match broke down in the end. The Deaners tried for their teamwork finisher to Larry D, but Acey rammed Cody out of the ring. Jake hit a huge slam to Acey. Larry recovered to deliver a knockout punch on Jake for the win.

Trey Miguel defeated TJP. Both men worked a flashy style. TJP almost achieved success after a superplex and an octopus submission, but Trey reached the ropes for a break. Trey won the bout with a jumping knees counter then flying knees for the pin.

The North, Ace Austin, and Madman Fulton pummeled the Rascalz backstage.

The doctor informed the Motor City Machine Guns that the Rascalz would not be cleared for the 8-man main event. The Good Brothers strolled up offering to help. MCMG didn’t need them, but the Good Brothers said they would be the replacements anyway.

Rich Swann speaks. He addressed Scott D’Amore about getting a title shot against Eric Young at Bound for Glory on October 24. After Young shoved D’Amore to the mat, the match was made. Get more details here.

Taya approached Rosemary wanting to know where she has been. Rosemary has been busy with a resurrection. Taya needs her ringside against Hogan. Rosemary reluctantly agreed.

Willie Mack defeated Brian Myers. Myers is up 2-0 in the unofficial series. He won both bouts through disreputable tactics. Myers was at it again by removing the turnbuckle pad. That played a role in the finish when Mack sent Myers into the exposed steel. That led to a stunner for Mack’s victory.

Rosemary requested Havok’s assistance in aiding with the resurrection. Havok did not want to cooperate, but Rosemary insisted. Havok smashed Rosemary into the wall.

Jordynne Grace interrupted Tenille Dashwood’s photo session. Dashwood implied that Grace was jealous of her body. Grace wants a match next week.

Kiera Hogan defeated Taya. Neither Rosemary not John E. Bravo were ringside. Taya dominated until Tasha Steelz poked her in the eye and kicked her in the head. Hogan also kicked Taya in the head then won with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker to win.

Chris Bey spoke to Rohit about his rematch. Rohit claimed it was out of his hands since Bey lost to TJP. TJP wanted his shot, so Rohit said the same about his loss to Trey. Trey came in as well. Rohit suggested a three-way. Trey forced Rohit to say that the winner would get a title shot.

The North, Ace Austin, & Madman Fulton defeated Motor City Machine Guns & Good Brothers. The action-packed 8-man main event broke down in the end with a bevy of heavy moves to all. For the finish, The North pancake slammed Chris Sabin. Ace squeezed in a blind tag to take the glory of pinning Sabin. After the match, the bad guys bickered about the sneaky win, and the good guys bickered about the loss.

Another solid week of wrestling from Impact. TJP versus Trey Miguel was my favorite. Even though TJP lost, his performances continue to be amazing. Brian Myers and Willie Mack won me over with their third match. The wrinkle of backfired cheating has me curious where this feud heads. I loved seeing berserker Taya. Ass-kicking Taya is my favorite form of Valkyrie. Too bad she lost, but at least it makes sense for the story to proceed. The main event was typical wild 8-man action.

One thing that caught me off guard was the arrogant attitude of the Motor City Machine Guns not to be interested in assistance from the Good Brothers. I don’t understand why they would want to make things more difficult by going into a 2-on-4 handicap match. I guess it could be setting MCMG up as slightly heelish if they have to wrestle the Good Brothers at Bound for Glory.

The big mystery brewing at the moment is who will ruin the wedding of Rosemary and John E. Bravo. Somebody has to do it or it wouldn’t be a proper wrestling wedding. Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz were the early front runners with their attitude toward Bravo and Taya. Now, we can add Havok, Taya, and Susie to the list. If Rosemary forces Havok against her will, then she might snap again. Taya could have beef after both Bravo and Rosemary were not present for her match. Susie can’t be trusted as long as she is having Su Yung flashbacks. All this intrigue is going to make for a great wrestling wedding.

Rich Swann versus Eric Young as the Bound for Glory main event lacks a little sizzle on paper, but the story is on point. Swann’s desire is relatable, and Young’s evilness needs vanquishing. Swann’s diminished health adds enough doubt to prevent a predictable result.

We’ll close with an exclusive of RVD’s new talk show. Sami Callihan dropped by and a match was made for next week. If RVD wins, then Katie Forbes gets five minutes to beat up Sami.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. Who stole the show? Which match was your favorite? Which of the various storylines do you enjoy most?

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