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Impact books Bound for Glory world title match

Seven weeks ago Rich Swann was set to announce his retirement from professional wrestling. Fast forward to tonight, and he is now scheduled to face Eric Young for the Impact World Championship at the Bound for Glory PPV on October 24.

Swann came down to the ring to address his actions last week of attacking Young while still in a walking boot and on crutches. Swann requested the presence of Impact decision maker Scott D’Amore. Retiring due to injury was the hardest thing Swann ever had to do, but he couldn’t stomach seeing Young become top dog by winning the world title. Swann asked D’Amore for the chance to get back in the ring to fight Young.

D’Amore stammered about Swann not being medically cleared. He has to protect Swann from himself. Swann tried one more time with an impassioned plea. He should be next in line for a title shot since he pinned Young at Slammiversary. Swann also appealed to D’Amore’s wrestling days. He reasoned that if D’Amore was in his shoes, D’Amore would want the same thing.

Swann doesn’t give a damn if he ends up crippled. All he wants is Young. Swann is from Baltimore. That means he grew up with the heart of a lion and the fight of a fire-breathing dragon. Swann begged D’Amore, otherwise, he might as well put Swann out of his misery.

Before D’Amore could answer, Young entered the scene. He shoved his boss down to the mat. Swann raged on Young. The champ escaped the ring. That’s when D’Amore delivered sweet, sweet news. He agreed to Swann’s request for a fight against Young at Bound for Glory.

Does Eric Young versus Rich Swann excite you enough to purchase Bound for Glory?

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