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RVD beat Sting in two moves for Impact’s top 5 most shocking mystery opponents

Everyone loves a mystery opponent. It drives speculation, which in turn drives anticipation. Impact/TNA has brought in quite the number of big stars over the years. Enough so that they counted down the top 5 most shocking mystery opponents in Impact history.

5. RVD stuns Sting - TNA Impact! (Mar. 8, 2010)
4. Mr. Anderson crosses the line - TNA Genesis (Jan. 17, 2010)
3. Jeff Hardy challenges AJ Styles - NWA-TNA PPV #100 (June 23, 2004)
2. Booker T shocks the world - TNA Genesis (Nov. 11, 2007)
1. Eric Young’s world class surprise - Slammiversary (July 18, 2020)

Yo, that number 1 choice must be a rib, right? Young belongs in the Impact Hall of Fame, but he’s not close to the superstar level of RVD, Jeff Hardy, and Booker T. If I reordered the top 5, I’d flip RVD and EY. That was cool how RVD beat Sting in two moves. It is a tough moment to top.

Impact tends to tie these lists into current storylines. Eddie Edwards has been defending the Impact World Championship in a series of weekly open challenges. His next opponent is a mystery for Tuesday night. There’s not a lot of big names left from the WWE mass cuts back in April.

Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins) already has his own vignettes on TV with Impact. Maybe Impact management gives Heath (fka Heath Slater) another shot at a contract after he was done dirty against Moose last week. Both of those men would be a pleasant surprise and not lose luster with a loss.

Other free agents are Rowan, Mike Bennett, and Rusev. Maybe Impact dips into the NWA well for James Storm. That would be a name worthy for this top 5 video.

Do you agree with Impact’s list for most shocking mystery opponents? Who do you think will be the next surprise challenger for Eddie Edwards?

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