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Rich Swann ‘retires’ from professional wrestling

In an unexpected turn of events, Rich Swann announced his retirement from professional wrestling during the Impact Wrestling broadcast tonight (Aug 4, 2020). However, in true storyline fashion, it may not actually be the end for Swann.

Swann took the mic in the center of the ring for the main event segment. He was on crutches and wearing a walking boot.

Swann talked about the arduous path back from a January injury when he blew out his ankle and broke his fibula. The doctor told him that he would have a limp for the rest of his life and that would mean no more wrestling.

Swann persevered with hard work, dedication, heart, love, and support. When he saw an open slot in the Slammiversary main event, that was the motivation needed to drive him back to the ring.

In the Slammiversary six-way elimination main event for the Impact World Championship, Swann was looking good by pinning Eric Young. Everything changed when EY smashed Swann’s ankle with a chair.

When Swann went back to the doctor, he was informed that this new injury was different. It could have lasting effects in his life. With family on Swann’s mind, he announced his retirement. The Impact locker room emptied for applause and well wishes. They helped Swann out of the ring. Swann limped up the stage for one last moment to wave goodbye.


As Swann was on the entrance ramp, Eric Young attacked. EY grabbed the crutch to smash Swann’s damaged ankle. Young ran away as the babyfaces came to Swann’s aid.

While this wasn’t as epic as Mark Henry’s retirement swerve, I’ll admit that I bought into Swann’s retirement. I’m still not entirely certain that the retirement isn’t real. It seems likely that the direction is a future revenge match between Swann and Young, but it could be at least 2 months before Swann wrestles again. Even if this is a storyline injury, Swann should need plenty of time to recover from something that would cause his retirement.

Did you believe Rich Swann was actually retiring during his promo? Did the angle heat you up with desire to see Swann fight Eric Young?

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