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Heath is robbed of an Impact contract

Heath continues to be a man without a wrestling home.

Last week on Impact Wrestling, the hottest free agent Heath (fka Heath Slater) conned his way into a TNA Heavyweight Championship match against Moose. Head honcho Scott D’Amore appreciated Heath’s moxie and offered him an Impact roster spot with the caveat of first beating Moose.

The TNA title bout opened the show tonight (Aug. 4, 2020). The match began with back and forth brawling as both men traded head smashes into the ring steps, guardrail, and ring post. Moose took control by hoisting Heath into the air and catching his throat on the top rope. Moose doubled down by whiplashing Heath’s throat up into the bottom rope.

The outcome looked grim for Heath. That was until Moose made the major mistake of getting too personal with his trash-talk. Moose called Heath’s kids ugly. For Heath, that was the equivalent of spinach running through Popeye’s veins. Heath fired up and fought back.

Heath had strong momentum on his side. He Irish whipped Moose into the corner, but the referee was standing in the way to get squished. Heath pounced on Moose with his Wake-up Call finisher.

Unfortunately for Heath, the referee was unconscious. Heath pinned Moose for a clear 7 count before getting up to revive the ref. During that process, Moose low-blowed Heath and rolled him up.

The referee was aware enough to count 1, 2, 3. Moose retained his self-crowned TNA Heavyweight Championship, and Heath remains unemployed.

As of now, it seems that Heath has been robbed of an Impact contract.

Should Impact hire Heath anyway despite the loss? If not, where should Heath go next?

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