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Jeff Hardy tried to drown a man in Impact’s wildest swimming pool moments

Summertime has run its course. In normal times, there would have been much fun in the sun and poolside antics this weekend. Going with that theme, Impact Wrestling celebrated their wildest swimming pool moments with a countdown list. It includes several attempted murders.

5. Drew McIntyre shoved EC3 - Impact Wrestling (Aug. 25, 2016)
4. John Morrison vanquished Kong - Impact Wrestling (Aug. 23, 2018)
3. Shark Boy saved Jeremy Borash - Slammiversary (July 2, 2017)
2. Abyss invaded Christian’s home - TNA Impact! (Apr. 1, 2006)
1. Delete or Decay - Impact Wrestling (Sep. 8, 2016)

The first two were rather hokey. Okay, the entire list is hokey, but the final three were at least amusing. Seeing Shark Boy in his natural element was worth a laugh. I have to commend James Mitchell’s wherewithal to recognize that Abyss can’t win the title off a dead man, thus ceasing potential murder. Jeff Hardy choking out Crazzy Steve under water is worthy of the top spot. That is the definition of wild.

Do you agree with Impact’s list for wildest swimming pool moments? What would it take to top Jeff Hardy choking out Crazzy Steve under water?

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