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Impact Knockouts 30-minute Iron man match goes down to the wire

The main event for night 2 of Emergence saw Impact give women center stage to compete in a 30-minute ironman match as Deonna Purrazzo defended the Knockouts Championship against Jordynne Grace. The champ had to rely on shenanigans in a controversial finish.

The first 20+ minutes of the contest were methodical. Grace outwrestled the Virtuosa in the early going. Grace almost scored a point with a single leg Boston crab, but Purrazzo reached the ropes. Purrazzo took control by outsmarting Grace with a game of cat and mouse leading to a pump kick on the floor. Purrazzo worked Grace’s arm for a lengthy period.

The action picked up when Grace exploded with power like a bull in a china shop. Grace executed a superplex, but she was too damaged to go for an immediate cover.

Once Grace got to her feet, she continued with the powerful pace on a series of running sentons. Purrazzo kicked out on the pin. Purrazzo got her wind back for a full nelson, however, Grace escaped and transitioned to a rear naked choke. The referee raised Purrazzo’s arm thrice, and the arm fell limp each time. Purrazzo was passed out. Grace scored the first point with about 4 minutes remaining.

The referee forced Grace to wait until Purrazzo rose to her feet. Grace charged into the corner. Purrazzo countered into a Flatliner floating over to a Koji Clutch. Grace was able to inch toward the ropes for the break.

Purrazzo got crafty with about 2 minutes remaining. She pulled the referee in front of a charging Grace. Splat. The referee went down. Grace crushed Purrazzo with a Grace Driver. Unfortunately, the ref could barely breath after his wind was knocked out. As Grace tried to revive the official, Purrazzo grabbed her Knockouts belt to clobber Grace in the head. Purrazzo scored a pin to even the tally at one apiece with a little over 60 seconds remaining.

Ignoring the previously stated rule of the loser being allowed to get to their feet before resuming the action, Purrazzo attempted a second cover and the referee counted. Grace kicked out, but Purrazzo snatched her arm. Grace escaped by shifting her position to roll up Purrazzo. Purrazzo let go to avoid the pinfall three count. Blows were exchanged in the center of the ring, then Purrazzo exploded for a German suplex. The champ transitioned to a Fujiwara armbar. Grace struggled to escape and had to tap with 3 seconds remaining. That gave Purrazzo a 2-1 lead and the victory as time ran out.

Grace has reason to protest that outcome. The ref was down when Grace could have taken a commanding 2-0 lead. Purrazzo cheated to use the title belt for her first point. Also, the referee didn’t allow her recovery time after being pinned. In my ruling, Grace deserves a rematch. #1 contender Kylie Rae is stuck in Wrestle House, so perhaps Grace can make her case since Purrazzo has nothing to do until Rae returns.

As for the quality of the match, it was a little slow in the beginning. There were two commercial breaks included in the 30 minutes to rob us of time, but I don’t think I want 8 more minutes of mat work storytelling. The final 10 minutes were entertaining. That part was just as good as their first fight at Slammiversary. The finish was quite exciting going down to the buzzer and did well to keep the mystery alive as to who would win.

Did the ironman match between Deonna Purrazzo and Jordynne Grace live up to your expectations? Did the finish hook you as the clock counted down? Or was it too overdone?

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