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Impact Emergence: Motor City Machine Guns are still the greatest, new X-Division champ

Impact’s night 1 of Emergence featured two official title fights. The Motor City Machine Guns battled The North to determine the greatest tag team in Impact history, and Chris Bey put his X-Division on the line against TJP and Rohit Raju. One title remained retained, while one title changed hands.

In the main event of the evening, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander had their automatic rematch with Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin. The story was which team would prove they are the greatest in Impact.

The action played out with The North cutting the ring to focus on a 2-on-1 game plan and MCMG using quick tags for fast-paced attacks. The closing sequence got wild. Alexander countered Shelley’s sliced bread into a backbreaker. Page superkicked Shelley in the mush. Sabin roared back with a tornado DDT to Page. Shelley countered a discus forearm from Alexander into an inverted atomic drop. MCMG unloaded tandem kick offense to both members of The North. MCMG finished it off with their flying splash/neckbreaker combo move to win.

That win by Shelley and Sabin should wrap up their feud with The North. It is time for new challengers. One team to consider would be Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows, but that big bout is worth saving for the next PPV.

In the opening match of the evening, Chris Bey was confident he would retain in a three-way against TJP and Rohit Raju. The story was that Rohit talked his way into the match by claiming he would have Bey’s back to make it a handicap for TJP.

Rohit stuck to his word for the majority of the contest. Even against the odds, TJP was the star of the show with numerous double submissions to Bey and Rohit at the same time.

The constant attack toward TJP eventually wore him down. He was fighting with Bey in the corner. Rohit knocked TJP off the turnbuckles. Rohit climbed the corner aiming for TJP, but then his eyes widened once realizing his fortuitous positioning. Bey was hanging upside down in the corner. Rohit smiled and leaped for a double stomp to Bey. Rohit pinned Bey to become the new X-Division Champion.

Also on the card, Moose successfully defended his unofficial TNA Heavyweight Championship against Trey Miguel, the Good Brothers beat Ace Austin & Madman Fulton, and Kylie Rae defeated Taya.

What feud would you like to see next for the Motor City Machine Guns? How about The North? How surprised were you about Rohit Raju’s backstabbing? Can he transform his status to become a believable champ instead of a comedy act?

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