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The former Curt Hawkins’ first match back on Impact was for the world title

Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins) had the biggest match of his career by answering an open challenge to wrestle Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship tonight (Aug. 11, 2020) on Impact Wrestling.

Myers has been getting the vignette treatment on TV and revealed his new tagline as, “the most professional wrestler.”

Myers showed his professionalism as a professional wrestler when he showed up to accept Eddie Edwards’ open challenge. Edwards had wanted to settle a personal beef with Eric Young, but Myers came out instead. Myers claimed that the title was just a belt in Edwards’ hands. It would become a championship in Myers’ hands.

The bout was competitive enough, but Edwards had the majority of momentum and Myers never had a believable tease to win. The story was wear and tear of the weekly open challenge taking its toll on Edwards’ body. Myers smashed Edwards’ shoulder into the ring post, and Edwards’ tweaked his knee on a suicide dive.

The bout heated up when Myers escaped a Tiger Driver to hit Edwards with a DDT. Myers then pulled a jabroni move by running into a superkick. Edwards crushed Myers with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Myers professionally kicked out.

Edwards ran in for the Boston Knee Party, but Myers ducked and connected on a spinning kick. Myers pulled jabroni move number two by running the ropes right into the Boston Knee Party.

Edwards pinned Myers, who accepted the loss in a professional manner.

This was a decent outing from Myers but nothing special that boosted his status. His character hasn’t been explored yet, so I can’t tell if “the most professional wrestler” is supposed to be serious or irony.

What did you think of Brian Myers’ performance? Were you happy to see him back in an Impact ring?

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