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EC3 plans to confuse you by wrestling for other promotions besides Impact

EC3 has reinvented himself since being cut loose by WWE. His character is all about freeing your mind from the system and controlling your narrative. Part of controlling his narrative is wrestling in different companies at the same time. EC3 recently made a surprise return to Impact Wrestling, but they aren’t his home. EC3 believes there is a 100% chance he will appear elsewhere soon.

If you have missed out on his riveting promo work, here is a recent sample.

EC3 chatted with Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray on the Busted Open podcast (here). The topic of wrestling for different companies at the same time came up on three separate occasions during the interview.

EC3: It (his time in WWE) not working has made me create something I’m finally happy and proud of and hopefully can take not only to Impact Wrestling but to the entire narrative of the wrestling world in various different locations. I think various different locations are ripe to take over this scene. I think that tide is turning and coming.


Dave LaGreca: Was Impact Wrestling for you the only option coming out of WWE?

EC3: Absolutely not. Every option was and is on the table. What I’m doing is controlling the narrative. I have things in works in multiple locations and plans to hopefully bend the narrative and confuse people. And I love the fact that nobody knows what I’m doing.


Bully Ray: Are you saying that even though we’ve seen you in an Impact Wrestling ring that there is a good chance that we could see you in another company’s ring? Sooner than later?

EC3: Yeah. Very good chance. 100%.

Bully: Is this something that Impact obviously must have been comfortable with then, yes?

EC3: Yes.

Bully Ray: Do you think the guys and gals in your position that this could be a direction that the wrestling business is heading in, where kind of like the old school territories where you’re never going to know who is going to pop up when?

EC3: I don’t think it would hurt in a COVID world, and that is kind of the precipice of these negotiations. In this world, we don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow let alone three months from now. So, companies are going to be hesitant. They don’t want to sign people long-term, rightfully, until the world has settled down and makes sense and we know where we’re going with this and that. I think the same thing with talent. I wouldn’t want to jump into a long-term exclusive deal when I don’t know what the world is going to be.

So, I think for me and the character, aka the reality I’m portraying, I don’t see this guy as somebody who would stop in one place and call a place a home. Like I said, I don’t have a home. I really don’t. And I realize personally now more than ever, I have nothing. It’s awesome. I am like truly Batman without money. It’s cool.

But jumping from place to place, can it be how the system goes? I think it’s a noble concept, but, at the same time, companies will want their stamps and their exclusivity on their top level talent to make them different from other people. So, I think that’s all a discussion to be had at another time.

But with the world being what it is today, why not shake it the hell up? Because the world’s shaken up, life’s shaken up, let’s make wrestling shaken up. SHAKE IT UP!

Sign me up to shake wrestling up. EC3 appearing anywhere and everywhere would certainly be interesting. Cody Rhodes’ TNT Championship open challenge seems like a perfect fit. EC3 immediately took notice of Matt Cardona (fka Zack Ryder) debuting last night on Dynamite.

It is too bad that options appear slim at this moment in time. WWE, AEW, and Impact Wrestling are the only major wrestling promotions running shows right now. ROH, MLW, NWA, AAA, and CMLL have taken a hiatus from the ring during the coronavirus pandemic. Some indie shows have been popping up lately, but I don’t know if that would have the same impact to blow minds and shake things up. On the other hand, indie appearances would raise his profile within that diehard fanbase, which would increase his overall value.

It also makes me wonder if EC3 will be expanding his footprint into new industries. Could he show up in a wacky cartoon like Randy Savage as Rasslor in Dexter’s Laboratory?

What do you think the future holds for EC3? Where would you like to see him appear inside and outside of wrestling? Do you think a free agent trend would be beneficial to the wrestling industry?

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