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Heath conned his way into a TNA title shot next week

Heath (fka Heath Slater) is one crafty fellow. It only took him two weeks to get a title shot, and he isn’t even signed with Impact. This time next week, he could be TNA Heavyweight Champion and also have an Impact contract in hand.

If you’ll recall last week, Heath snuck into the building as the show closed.

That means Heath either lived in the Impact Zone for an entire week or he rigged a bathroom window so he could climb back in upon return for this week. Whatever the case, Heath interrupted a backstage interview with self-crowned TNA Heavyweight Champ Moose.

Heath claimed he had a contract from the TNA championship committee for a Heavyweight Championship title shot next week. Heath used reverse psychology to twist Moose’s words into admitting there is no TNA champion. Moose huffed through his nose and issued a challenge to Heath for next week.

Big cheese Scott D’Amore observed the exchange. He appreciated Heath’s moxie in conning his way to a title shot. D’Amore stated that if Heath can win, then he will earn an Impact contract.

The hottest free agent is one step closer to finding a wrestling home. Let’s go, Heath! Do it for your kids.

Is Heath challenging Moose for the TNA belt and possibly earning an Impact roster spot a hot enough angle for your to tune in next week?

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