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Impact recap & reactions: Eddie Edwards open challenge

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling (July 21, 2020) featured the fallout from Slammiversary with all the new talent setting up storylines, Eddie Edwards issuing an open weekly challenge for the Impact World Championship, and the Motor City Machine Guns becoming new tag champs.

If you missed the news last night, check out the match recap as MCMG won the titles and an update on each new signee, plus a another surprise newcomer.

Let’s roll through the show from beginning to end.

The episode opened with a promo from EC3. Do you conform to this world or do you fight back? We have been warned that he is controlling his narrative.

Impact Wrestling has a new intro video. I’m fairly certain it is a new song as well. I never paid much attention to it before, but this one sounds different.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcomed us to the broadcast on commentary.

X-Division Championship: Chris Bey retained against Willie Mack. Mack used his rematch clause immediately after losing the strap at Slammiversary. This was a similar bout with Mack having the power advantage. The big move was catching Bey on the floor for a hard slam.

Bey was a little more efficient this time around. He won in the end without dirty tricks. Bey dodged a frog splash then attacked with a springboard cutter for victory.

Mathews mentioned on commentary that EC3 does not work for Impact. Hmm, then how did that opening vignette get played?

The Good Brothers speak. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows came to the ring. Rumors were circulating for months that they would arrive in Impact. They are excited to be there. Slammiversary trended worldwide because of them. They are the best tag team. Gallows is the best big man in the business. Anderson is the best wrestler in the world. Time to celebrate with a beer...

Ace Austin and Madman Fulton came out looking for an apology at being attacked at Slammiversary. Ace wasn’t mad. He gets it. The Good Brothers were trying to make a statement as new guys on the scene. After the Good Brothers scoffed at the suggestion of apologizing, Ace knocked the beer out of Anderson’s hand. Ace and Madman tried to attack, but the Good Brothers saw it coming and cleared the ring.

Heath (Slater) tried to enter the Impact studio, but he was not on the list. When asked for his last name, he stated that he had one but can’t use it anymore. Heath called Rhino, however, Rhino was busy arguing with Hernandez and missed it.

Rhino and Hernandez were arguing about the outcome of their arm wrestling contest. They decided to do a winner-takes-all match for the money. It should also be noted that Hernandez had a sweet new handlebar mustache. He kind of looked like an oversized Cheech. Hernandez should change his nickname to SuperCheech.

Chris Bey was in his locker room flaunting the X-Division belt for the ladies. Bey celebrated with champagne. Rohit Raju intercepted the glass intended for Bey’s companion. Rohit was in his gear and is always ready. He never knows when he’ll be someone’s last choice as a partner. Rohit offered to watch Bey’s back now that Bey is a target as champ. Bey didn’t trust him, but maybe he’ll call Rohit if he feels in danger.

Havok & Nevaeh defeat Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz via DQ. In the end, Havok was setting up a piledriver on Hogan, so Steelz hit Havok’s back with a chair. It was the softest chairshot in the history of professional wrestling. That handed the win to Havok and Nevaeh. Havok was unfazed and went through with the piledriver to Hogan.

During that bout, Rayne was talking about bringing back the women’s tag titles.

Sami Callihan confronted Ken Shamrock about their tag team loss at Slammiversary. This loss is on Ken. Ken knows that. He’s harder on himself than Sami could ever be. If Sami wants to talk to Ken, he’ll have to do it next week. Sami seemed surprised at Shamrock taking responsibility for the loss.

RVD and Katie Forbes smooched. There have been lots of changes recently. All for the better. Katie is tired of wearing clothes. By trying to punish the fans with Cancel Culture, she ended up punishing herself. Next week, we’ll get to see sexy photos of her.

Rhino defeated Hernandez. The referee collected the cash from both men. Right as Hernandez turned back around, Rhino hit him with a Gore to win. Rhino took the cash and left.

The North were wondering when they get to celebrate their reign as longest tag champs in Impact. They decimated the division. Now, the Motor City Machine Guns returned to Impact to make a statement off The North’s hard work. If MCMG want to be the best, they will have to take the belts from The North.

A teaser vignette played as a surprise for newcomer Brian Myers (fka Curt Hawkins).

A fallout video played for winners at Slammiversary. In reference to the TNA Heavyweight Championship, Moose stated that things eventually evolve. That’s exactly what his title has done. Kylie Rae is okay being the underdog as #1 contender. When people underestimate her, it makes it that much sweeter when she wins. Chris Bey made history as new X-Division champ. He dreamed about it as a little bitty bey. Bey is now the first Finesse Division champ. The North were wondering why people are even talking about the Motor City Machine Guns. They haven’t been in the company for years. We already know The North is the greatest since they are the longest reigning tag champs. MCMG stated that they want to prove they are the greatest. The North can’t be champions forever. The day will come when The North loses their spot, and that day is here. Deonna Purrazzo was playing chess to win the Knockouts title when Jordynne Grace stepped into the ring with her. The locker room cheered for Eddie Edwards as new Impact World Champion.

Deonna Purrazzo was interviewed about her next challenger. She painted a masterpiece in her Knockouts title win. Jordynne Grace is out with a separated shoulder, so there is no one left to defend against. Enter Kylie Rae to remind Purrazzo that she is #1 contender. Purrazzo extended her hand for a shake. As Kylie reached out, Purrazzo tried to armbar her. Fisticuffs ensued until they were pulled away. Kimber Lee was trying to secure Purrazzo, so the champ forearmed her.

Eddie Edwards speaks. The new Impact World Champion went to the ring to celebrate. The belt feels right in his hands. His journey brought him to the title. Now, it is time for a new journey. Edwards wants to bring stability and credibility back to the Impact World Championship. His goal is to be a champ that the fans can be proud of. Edwards is going to defend the title every week in an open challenge...

Enter Eric Young. Edwards shouted that EY doesn’t deserve a title shot after how he purposely injured Rich Swann at Slammiversary. EY deserves an ass kicking. Young called Edwards pathetic for thinking that Edwards has any power over what happens to the belt. This place belongs to EY. He controls everything in Impact. Young threatened Edwards, so the champ attacked with a suicide dive. EY scored a cheap shot punch as the referees were holding Eddie back.

Backstage, Moose was asked if he would do an open challenge as well for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Hard no from Moose. Competitors will need an invitation to compete for the most prestigious title in Impact. When asked about EC3, Moose brushed off that notion. EC3 is too busy controlling his own narrative. Moose called out Fallah Bahh as the next man up.

Backstage with Eddie, Trey Miguel walked up asking for a title shot next week. Edwards agreed to the match.

TNA Heavyweight Championship: Moose retained against Fallah Bahh. Bahh roughed Moose up early until he ran into a big boot. Moose took over from there with his power and athleticism. Bahh roared back with three consecutive running corner smashes. He picked up Moose for a Samoan drop, but Moose raked Bahh’s eyes out of sight from the referee. That led to a spear for Moose to win.

After the match, EC3 attacked Moose from behind.

The Good Brothers were in the parking lot planning where to drink. Ace and Madman rolled up with a trap for Reno Scum to attack Anderson and Gallows. The Good Brothers won that skirmish, so Ace and Madman drove away.

Wrestle House. Rosemary and John E. Bravo had a dinner date planned inside a rented home. There was cooking innuendo to imply that Bravo was a virgin. Taya crashed their date, so Rosemary turned it into a big party. She snapped her fingers and Kylie Rae magically appeared. Rosemary kept snapping her fingers for the Deaners, XXXL, Alisha Edwards, Crazzy Steve, Johnny Swinger, and Susie. This was the start for a new reality show called Wrestle House.

Impact Tag Team Championship: Motor City Machine Guns defeated The North to become new champs. This was a very good bout. MCMG had the speed, while The North had the power. In the end, Chris Sabin countered The North’s super spinebuster finisher by rolling up Ethan Page for the win.

The closing scene showed Jimmy Jacobs exiting the venue. Heath caught the door from closing and snuck into the building.

Solid show from Impact with stories being set up and a very good main event. It felt like a lot more talking this week than usual. I guess that’s to be expected to introduce the new and returning stars and get their feuds popping. A lot of those fellows are good on the mic, so I’m curious if longer promos will be the standard going forward or if Impact will get back to lots of matches with short promos next week. Both formats should be entertaining with the current crew, so we win either way.

The immediate future looks promising for Impact TV. I like all the storylines presented last night. Well, maybe not Wrestle House, but I’ll give it a chance. If Johnny Swinger gets camera time, then it should be a blast.

The Good Brothers versus Ace & Madman should be a banger. Heath sneaking around for a contract is amusing. The Eddie Edwards open challenge has me intrigued. Impact has plenty of quality wrestlers to put on exciting matches. Eric Young’s delusions of grandeur have potential. I look forward to Moose trash-talking EC3, although, I don’t know how well their messages will mesh. Moose is more comedic right now, while EC3 is working with real world intensity.

The one decision that made me a little disappointed was The North dropping the belts to the Motor City Machine Guns. I would have looked to see The North defend successfully for a little while longer now that they have star teams to compete against. It would have solidified the strength of their title reign. I’m not too sad about it though, since MCMG will have sweet matches in their own right. It opens the door for the tag division with fresh title matchups.

Final thought. Zack Ryder has been working an Always Ready hashtag on social media. In this episode, Impact referenced “always ready” a few different times. Could it be coincidence, a hint for Ryder signing, or a false flag from Impact?

Share your thoughts on Impact. Who stole the show? How many open challenges will Eddie Edwards win before he loses the Impact World Championship? Will that gimmick make you tune in to Impact Wrestling?

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