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Motor City Machine Guns win Impact tag titles 10 years after their last reign

Chris Sabin and Alex Shelly returned to Impact as a huge surprise at Slammiversary. The Motor City Machine Guns duo parlayed a tag team victory over the Rascalz into a title shot against The North on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling (July 21, 2020).

Sabin and Shelley had to overcome the size and power advantage held by Ethan Page and Josh Alexander. MCMG utilized speed and quick feet.

Despite tag team excellence from Sabin and Shelley, The North had momentum heading into the home stretch. They executed a teamwork cutter into wheelbarrow suplex combo on Sabin. Sabin was being set up for The North’s super duper spinebuster finishing maneuver. Things looked bleak for the MCMG.

Not so fast, my friend. Sabin countered Page into a roll-up for the three count as Shelley held onto Alexander’s leg to prevent a break-up. The Motor City Machine Guns became the new Impact World Tag Team Champions.

This ends The North’s 383-day title reign. It was the longest in Impact history. MCMG now hold the straps for the first time since their first and only reign in 2010.

Are you happy for the success of Sabin and Shelley? Or would you have preferred The North to hold the gold longer now that the competition is stiffer?

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