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Impact’s new talent update: EC3 attacks Moose, one more surprise newcomer

Impact is coming hot off Slammiversary, where they had seven surprise appearances. Let’s check in with how Impact is using those fellows, plus one more newcomer, in their new storylines on Impact Wrestling.

EC3: The show opened with one of EC3’s Control Your Narrative promos as seen on his social media. He is living in the moment. You have been warned.

Later, EC3 attacked Moose after Moose had defended his self-coronated TNA Heavyweight Championship.

This surprise was smoothly executed. Impact teased Moose vs EC3 during an interview, but Moose brushed off that idea due to EC3 being too busy controlling his narrative. I bought that logic as convincing, so EC3’s ambush widened my eyes with surprise. EC3 split without speaking, although, it seems that he is focused on taking down false idols.

It should also be noted that commentator Josh Mathews claimed EC3 is not signed and does not work for Impact. I don’t believe that for one second in real life. We’ll have to observe how that plays into EC3’s story.

Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows as the Good Brothers: The Good Brothers came down to proclaim themselves as the best tag team, Gallows as the best big man, and Anderson as the best wrestler. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton came out looking for an apology after being attacked by the Good Brothers at Slammiversary. That resulted in Anderson and Gallows clearing the ring.

Later, Ace and Fulton rolled up in the parking lot with a rouse for Reno Scum to ambush the Good Brothers. Anderson and Gallows handled busy, so Fulton drove Ace away to safety.

This was standard feud building and put Reno Scum in the way before the Good Brothers can get their fight against Ace and Fulton.

Heath: Heath crashed Slammiversary as the hottest free agent. He was asked to leave due to being an outsider during the coronavirus pandemic. Rhino told Heath to come back Tuesday night as he tries to smooth things over with Impact. Heath did as instructed and returned, however, his name was not on the list. When asked for his last name, Heath replied, “I did have a last name, but I can’t use it anymore.” Heath phoned Rhino, but Rhino was in the midst of an argument with Hernandez and didn’t see the call.

For the closing scene, Heath snuck into the building.

Brian Myers: The man formerly known as Curt Hawkins received the short teaser vignette treatment. Myers was a surprise newcomer for this episode.

Eric Young: EY interrupted Eddie Edwards in-ring promo. Young has a crazy-man god-complex as his current character. He believes that he controls everything in Impact. That led to a fight.

This seems to be building toward a big-time bout. Edwards announced the beginning of a weekly open challenge as Impact World Champ. He isn’t interested in awarding EY a shot, because EY is a scumbag who injured Rich Swann on purpose. Young will have to figure out how to finagle his way into what he desires.

Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley as the Motor City Machine Guns: MCMG defeated The North to win the Impact tag titles in the main event.

All those stories are interesting, but there has yet to be anything groundbreaking. If you are a fan of any of the new signees, then you’ll probably enjoy their story direction. If you are looking for something shocking and epic to grab your attention, tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling didn’t serve that up.

How do you like the stories for Impact’s new crew? Which tale has you most interested?

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