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The end of Slammiversary featured a new champ and lots of surprises

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The biggest reveal in Slammiversary was presumably going to happen in the main event. They promised a former world champion returning to fill the forth spot in 4-way elimination match involving Eddie Edwards, Trey, and Ace Austin for the vacant Impact championship.

However the mystery partner wasn’t a former champion. It was Rich Swann, returning from a bad knee injury.

That wasn’t the only mystery partner, though. Eric Young also returned in his psycho persona, stating this is now a 5-way match. EY has held the TNA World title, along a bunch of others, in Impact.

The first elimination was Trey via EY piledriver. He kind of had it coming as he just broke up another pin in an elimination match.

EY was the next eliminated. He tried a piledriver on Rich Swann, but Rich rolled him up to knock him out. Young lost his mind, viciously attacking Swann’s surgically repaired leg with a chair. This in essence knocked Swann out of the match too. This will likely lead to a feud between them.

Ace Austin smelled blood in the water, though Rich fought him off for a little bit. However Austin kicked his leg and hit the Fold to eliminate Swann. This left Austin and Eddie Edwards.

Both men went at it, kicking out of each other’s finish at one point. It was Eddie who was able to hit a second finish, delivering his Boston Knee Party and the Diehard Flowsion for the win.

Unfortunately for Edwards, Man Man Fulton, Ace’s heavy, came down to the ring and attacked Edwards.

That’s when the Good Brothers finally made their debut, with I think Luke Gallows almost tripping on the ramp. Anderson and Gallows stood down Fulton and Austin, maybe teasing that they’d attack Eddie before attacking the villains, including a Magic Killer to Austin.

They then celebrated the new champ with some brewskis.

But Impact wasn’t done with the surprises. The show ended with a video of EC3 doing his classic EC3 turn around towards the camera. That’s how they faded to black.

So to recap we got:

  • Rich Swann’s return from injury
  • Eric Young’s return to the company
  • Eddie Edwards world title win
  • The Good Brothers official debut
  • EC3 video

What do you think of Impact new landscape?

You can find the results from Slammiversary here.

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