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Deonna Purrazzo wins Impact’s Knockouts Championship at Slammiversary

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Deonna Purrazzo exited NXT with the desire to show her true skills in the ring. Impact Wrestling gave her that opportunity at Slammiversary. Purrazzo shined as she took down Jordynne Grace from the Knockouts throne.

The story was Purrazzo using grace and skill to focus on working Grace’s arm, while Grace raged as a hossette. Whenever Grace was on a roll, Purrazzo would exit the ring to stall. Grace had enough of that and drilled Purrazzo with a suicide dive and ground and pound on the floor.

Purrazzo continued her focus to attack the arm. She was close to winning via armbar, but Grace stacked her up for a pinfall. Purrazzo had to release the hold. The match continued with a German suplex exchange and a sweet pendulum snap suplex from Purrazzo. Grace rebounded to go hoss wild with running knees, a running forearm smash, and a Vader bomb. That wasn’t enough to put Purrazzo away.

Grace tried to set up a power move, but Purrazzo snatched the arm once again. They tussled over control. Grace swung a haymaker clothesline out of desperation. Purrazzo ducked then locked in an arm bar. She transitioned into a double armbar. It didn’t take long for Grace to submit verbally.

Deonna Purrazzo proved her doubters wrong by winning Knockouts gold in her first major match with Impact Wrestling. She displayed the skills worthy of her “Virtuosa” nickname.

Get the results from Slammiversary here.

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