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Heath Slater shows up at Slammiversary, soon gets kicked out

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The second surprise (first here) of Slammiversary was one you probably saw coming.

In the middle of the show, Heath Slater (who they just called “Heath”) jumped the guardrail and cut a brief promo before being interrupted by Rohit Raju. Rohit normally plays the role of wrestler made to look the fool so you kind of know how this was going to go.

Raju was upset about guys like Heath coming in and trying to take spots that guys like him had been fighting over for years. He tried to throw a punch but Heath dropped him with a familiar looking move.

Yup, that looks a lot like a Zig Zag to me, a move used by Dolph Ziggler in WWE.

Slater was walking backstage when he ran into his old pal Rhino. But Scott D’Amore rolls up to tell him that since he’s a free agent and not signed with Impact, he’s gotta leave. Rhino tells her former tag team parter to show up on Tuesday and he’ll have stuff worked out.

Is Slater going to be teaming with Rhino? Maybe feuding with him since he’s a more vicious Rhino than he was in WWE? We’ll find out on Tuesday.

You can find the results from Slammiversary here.

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