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Impact recap & reactions: Ace Austin and Trey Miguel get wild in cinematic brawl

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling (July 14, 2020) featured two cinematic fights during the go-home effort on the way to July 18’s Slammiversary. Hernandez and Rhino settled their week-long arm wrestling contest, and Trey Miguel ambushed Ace Austin at their old wrestling gym.

The main event segment was a wild brawl involving Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Trey Miguel, and Zachary Wentz. Ace had the idea to visit his old gym in Dayton, OH as motivation to win the four-way main event at Slammiversary against Trey, Eddie Edwards, and a mystery opponent. Trey found out about Ace’s training session via Ace’s Instagram posts, so he hatched a quick ambush plan as payback for Ace ordering Fulton to jump him.

Wentz hit Fulton with a trashcan as a distraction to separate and conquer. That allowed Trey the opportunity to creep up on Ace. The two brawled with a broom, chairs, and other implements of destruction. In the end, Trey had the upper hand and tossed Ace off a stage. However, Fulton was there to catch Ace. Fulton stepped forward to tenderize Trey, but Wentz came in a a barb wire chair. Ace and Fulton backed away.

That was an interesting little brawl. Good move by Impact to go that route instead of a bland confrontation in the ring at their wrestling venue. It provided something memorable to get hyped for Slammiversary. The question will be if Trey is more focused on hurting Ace than actually winning the World Championship. It also seems clear that Ace can’t use Fulton as he pleases in that match, since Wentz will be around to even the odds.

Oh, you want more cinematic violence? Well, Impact has just what you need. The conclusion to the humorous week-long arm wrestling contest between Hernandez and Rhino saw Rhino emerge victorious with the unintentional aid of Moose. Moose approached both men seeking a tag partner for later that evening. They declined, and he innocently slapped Hernandez on the back. That broke SuperMex’s concentration as Rhino won.

Hernandez wasn’t going to give up his money so easily. That set the stage for an impromptu backlot brawl.

The two behemoths threw blows over the cash prize. Round 1 went to Rhino after kicking Hernandez in the cojones. Hernandez wasn’t finished and used his bandana to choke Rhino. Rhino returned the favor to put Hernandez down. Round 2 to Rhino. Hernandez still wouldn’t quit and used a trashcan and orange cones to take out Rhino. Round 3 to Hernandez as he walked away with the money. Rhino got back to his feet and the two pummeled each other on the pavement. Rhino speared Hernandez into a fence. Both men were down and exhausted. They reached for the money then agreed to split it.

That was quite the satisfying payoff. What began as a stalemate finished as a stalemate of epic proportions. I enjoyed how the respect remained. It was just business, nothing personal. I’d like to see them join forces as a tag team. It would be easy to root for those two big ass-kickers.

Let’s roll through the rest of the show from beginning to end.

5 vs 5: Havok, Nevaeh, Alisha Edwards, Susie, & Kylie Rae defeated Rosemary, Taya, Tasha Steelz, Kiera Hogan, & Kimber Lee. This match was to hype the #1 contender gauntlet at Slammiversary. The finish broke down into chaos. Kylie superkicked Kimber. Susie followed with a spinning sitdown driver to pin Kimber for the win. Susie channeled Su Yung on that maneuver. Something was clearly triggered in her head.

Afterward, everybody brawled with Kylie standing tall at the end.

Deaners defeated XXXL. On a sitdown powerbomb by Larry D, Cody Deaner tagged out to Cousin Jake. After impact to Cody, Jake snuck in for a crucifix roll-up from behind on Larry for the win. Afterward, XXXL attacked the Deaners out of frustration. XXXL hit a teamwork backbreaker maneuver as Acey Romero dropped a flying elbow.

Moose approached Rohit Raju to be his tag partner as a last resort. Rohit was not satisfied with that disrespect. His ability doesn’t deserve to be last. Rohit still accepted despite his protest.

Johnny Swinger told Chris Bey to relax. They’ll get the X-Division strap around Bey’s waist at Slammiversary. Swinger talked to the referee who banned him from ringside. The Swingman consulted Cancel Culture and threatened a lawsuit about banning Bey’s emotional support companion. The referee backed down and allowed Swinger to be ringside.

Bey was flirting with a lady when Swinger came back with the good news. Swinger overhead Bey bragging about using him. When Bey saw Swinger, Swinger lied about the office not budging on his ringside ban. Swinger informed Bey that he will be on his own against Willie Mack.

Contract signing. Deonna Purrazzo put her name on the dotted line for her Knockouts title shot. She has class and sophistication as the Virtuosa. The belt will be hers at Slammiversary. Jordynne Grace signed then slammed Purrazzo’s head into the table. Jimmy Jacobs tried to separate the two and Grace mouthed off to him.

Ken Shamrock and Sami Callihan don’t like each other, but they do have respect. Their bad feelings will be put aside as they compete for the tag titles against The North at Slammiversary. Sami teased that he may turn on Shamrock, because he can’t help himself.

Tommy Dreamer & Crazzy Steve defeated Moose & Rohit Raju. The match broke down as Dreamer and Moose brawled on the floor. In the ring, Steve hit a flying DDT to pin Rohit.

Ace Austin got to where he is today due to his insatiable appetite for success. Slammiversary will be about him becoming the face of the industry as the youngest World Champion of all-time.

Eddie Edwards was also confident that he will walk out champ. Everything in his life has led him to this moment. He was born to be Impact World Champion.

The closing scene was a tease of someone signing an Impact contract. He sent it via FedEx to Scott D’Amore. Upon receipt of the paperwork, D’Amore chuckled. Slammiversary just got even more exciting.

This was an effective go-home show in the empty arena era. All of the promo packages were well-produced and carried heavy emotion. Kylie Rae picked up momentum in the Knockouts division. Jordynne Grace made me root for Deonna Purrazzo when Grace sassed little Jimmy Jacobs. There was no need for that. Moose and Tommy Dreamer didn’t spoil the excitement for their encounter, since neither was involved in the finish of their tag match. Sami Callihan planted the seed that he will attack Ken Shamrock. The main event brawl with Ace Austin and Trey Miguel whet the appetite to see more at Slammiversary.

And of course, Johnny Swinger stole the show. Poor guy. Now that he discovered Chris Bey’s treachery, where will he go from here? Hopefully one of the returning stars will be a pal of Swinger. Then they can rock the territory together. Swinger needs a happy ending.

The Slammiversary card on July 18 is:

  • World Championship: Ace Austin vs Eddie Edwards vs Trey Miguel vs mystery opponent
  • Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace vs Deonna Purrazzo
  • X-Division Championship: Willie Mack vs Chris Bey
  • TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Moose vs Tommy Dreamer in old school rules
  • Tag Team Championship: The North vs Ken Shamrock & Sami Callihan
  • Knockouts #1 Contender Gauntlet: Rosemary, Nevaeh, Susie (aka Su Yung), Kiera Hogan, Taya, Tasha Steelz, Alisha Edwards, Kylie Rae, Kimber Lee, Jessicka Havok, Madison Rayne

Share your thoughts on Impact. Who stole the show? Did this episode sell you for Slammiversary? Which of the two cinematic brawls did you prefer?

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