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EC3 mocks rumors of signing with Impact

In an effort to hype the July 17 Slammiversary PPV, Impact teased a bunch of former talent coming back aboard after being released by the WWE. One of those names was EC3. It feels like he is the main character in that video, although, that person’s face is never shown. EC3 decided to control the narrative and put out his own reaction to Impact’s teaser video.

One theory for the message of EC3’s response is to mock the idea that many assume he will return to Impact. It keeps his name in the news and drives interest for his brand. “Nostalgia is dead,” could refer to having no desire in revisiting his past employer in Impact. “Click bait,” could refer to giving the false impression that he is the star signing in Impact’s teaser video.

Another theory is that EC3 will be back with Impact, but he won’t be returning as the character who is the nephew of Dixie Carter. The featured mug was part of a gimmick campaign.

Even though EC3 had a successful stint in Impact as two-time TNA World Heavyweight Champ and a run as Grand Champion, shattering the mug against the wall might symbolize the shattering of that character. If EC3 returns to Impact, it will be by his rules. It won’t be as a rich boy to please the fans for nostalgia purposes. That could lead into his new mayhem persona that uses indoctrination to open eyes with encouragement to break free from the system.

Whatever the motive, thanks for the click bait, EC3.

What’s your take on EC3’s response video to the Impact teaser? Will his presence make you more likely to purchase Slammiversary?

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