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Heath Slater teases his next move

Could Heath Slater be heading to Slammiversary?

Impact Wrestling has been dangling carrots for new and returning talent coming aboard for their July 18 PPV, Slammiversary. No names have yet been revealed to make their world change, but EC3 seems highly likely. Rumors also suggest Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson are counting down to Impact town. Time to add a badass dad to the list.

Heath Slater is ready for July 18, which just so happens to be the date for Slammiversary.

Nothing has been confirmed for Slater signing with Impact. If the obvious hint is what it appears to be, then Slater may be reuniting with his old teammate, Rhino. Rhino had turned down a request from Rohit Raju to become a unit, because he already has a partner, who has kids.

Is joining Impact a good move for Health Slater and his kids? Do you think Slater can break out from his mid-card pigeonhole and become World Championship material?

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