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Is Impact really bringing in the recently released WWE talent they’re teasing for Slammiversary?

In case you missed it, Impact ran the following promo for their July 18 Slammiversary PPV during their latest episode last night (June 2).

The clip shows a hooded figure watches a “new broadcast” about WWE’s April 15 talent cuts while enjoying an adult beverage. Seen in the clip are Eric Young, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis, Curt Hawkins/Brian Myers, Drake Maverick/Rockstar Spud, and EC3. We also see a Bulgarian flag.

It’s worth noting that - with the exception of Karl Anderson - everyone shown has worked for TNA/Impact in the past. Miro/Rusev of course never wrestled for the promotion, which is probably why he isn’t shown.

The question, other than if the guy watching the TV has been doing any hacking on Friday nights, is if these folks are really showing up at next month’s PPV. If so, will it just be for the proverbial “one shot deal”? However long they’re there, what’s Impact have planned for them?

Maverick is probably a long shot, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see any or all of the others. Their 90 day non-competes will be up, and Impact’s shown a willingness to bring people in on “per appearance” deals - so showing up at the PPV doesn’t mean they’re Impact 4 Life.

Let us know what you think of the teaser, and give us your guess as to whether some or all of these folks will be cashing Anthem checks soon, in the comments below.

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