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Impact announces Michael Elgin will not appear on future programming

Last week, Michael Elgin (real name Aaron Frobel) was suspended by Impact Wrestling after he was implicated in several #SpeakingOut stories.

As more allegations about what can at best be described as inappropriate behavior surface against Frobel, the company updated his status this morning (June 26):

The wording is somewhat interesting, especially since the company’s management was clear when they “terminated contracts” of Joseph “Joey Ryan” Meehan, Dave Crist, and Tessa Blanchard. But it seems to be the same net result for their product.

PWInsider says Frobel was informed of the decision earlier today. The site also says their sources tell them “Elgin will not be seen again in the promotion.”

Regarding the Impact product, this means two-fifths of the announced World title 5-way main event for their July 18 Slammiversary PPV is now gone. They’ve also taped most of their weekly TV leading up to that show, so they’ve got their work cut out for them.

Given that they knew about past allegations against Frobel when they decided to feature him, it’s hard to feel bad for them though.

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