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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions: Hernandez & Trey are one step closer to Tessa’s gold

The latest episode of Impact Wrestling (May 12, 2020) featured Moose defending the TNA Heavyweight Championship against Suicide and two opening bouts of the #1 contender tournament for Tessa Blanchard’s World Championship.

Let’s run through the show from start to finish.

TNA Heavyweight Champion Moose called in the original TNA voice guy to do the show’s intro. It featured out of context quotes from TNA legends to appear as if they were speaking highly of Mighty Moose.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne welcomed us to the broadcast from their commentary position.

#1 contender tournament: Hernandez defeated Madman Fulton. The Crist brothers were ringside, but they didn’t help Fulton much. This was a big man fight with power. Fulton had a nifty deadlift suplex into the ring then rolling it over into a big slam. Hernandez took care of the Crists by clobbering one and Border Tossing the other into Fulton. For the finish, Hernandez escaped a superplex by boxing Fulton’s ears. Hernandez followed up with a flying splash to win and advance to the semifinals.

Michael Elgin questioned why he has to continue proving himself to receive a world title shot. If Impact wants a #1 contender tournament, then what happens is on them. If beating people isn’t good enough, then he might have to go back to sending people to the hospital.

Fulton was having a fit backstage about losing. The Crists tried to calm him down. Crazzy Steve walked by laughing with a Monkey Shines doll. oVe seems to be o-v-e-r. It takes a lot more than a madman to lead a flock. Dave Crist mouthed off about being called sheep. He used Fulton to threaten an ass kicking next week to Steve. Fulton didn’t look like he was on board with that idea. oVe left. Joseph P. Ryan wandered in. He was upset about the term “crazy” being used, since it is offensive to crazy people.

Kylie Rae defeated Tasha Steelz. It was a competitive battle. In the end, Rae escaped a maneuver by smashing Steelz’ head into the mat then locking in the Smile to Finish (STF) submission for victory.

Rohit Raju has seen people come and go in Impact. He’s seen people get their big break. When does he get his big break? All the disrespect will go away starting with him beating Trey Miguel in the tournament.

Kylie and Susie shared a moment backstage. Susie commented how Kylie’s last name Rae is like sunshine. As Susie walked away, Kylie said that she likes her.

Kimber Lee defeated Havok. Highlights include Havok catching a hurricanrana to deliver a sitdown powerbomb, a swanton from Lee, and Havok catching a crossbody into a swinging slam. The mysterious Nevaeh appeared again in the fan section. Havok eventually took notice of Nevaeh. That allowed Lee to smuggle in brass knuckles, which she used to clock Havok for the win. As Lee was exiting, she gave a wave to Nevaeh.

Kiera Hogan has been watching, listening, and learning from her mistakes. Time to use all that knowledge. She is the hottest flame.

Locker Room Talk. Madison Rayne and Johnny Swinger hosted. Ken Shamrock was the guest.

Swinger excitedly greeted Shamrock, but Ken was weary of Johnny’s shenanigans. Shamrock suggested that Swinger fetch some water. Swinger was impressed with Shamrock’s biceps veins then left to retrieve a muscle shake. Rayne stirred the pot by listing Impact wrestlers who Shamrock had issues with. Shamrock is focused on becoming World Champ. Bang! Elgin burst into the room and hit Shamrock with a tube. Elgin smashed Shamrock’s head with chairs as a message that the championship is his.

Sami Callihan has known Elgin a long time. Elgin is always trying to walk in Callihan’s footsteps. Fighting with Shamrock? Sami’s done that and he’s not finished yet. Becoming World Champ? Sami’s been there, done that. Callihan and Elgin wrestle next week in the tournament. Both will do whatever they have to do to win, but it doesn’t matter how much Elgin talks. Callihan sees everything.

#1 contender tournament: Trey Miguel defeated Rohit Raju. Rohit controlled the pace with increased intensity. Trey had quick flurries of offense. For the finish, Trey began his closing sequence of a superkick in the corner, a 619, then a flying attack, except Rohit countered to collide with a jumping knee mid-air.

Rohit hit a swinging neckbreaker then rolled into a potential second maneuver. However, Trey rolled Rohit up for the win.

Cody Deaner in quarantine. He tried to interact with people despite self-isolation. Some dude at the mailbox flipped off Deaner. Cody let his energy out with yoga and line dancing. He then did some shadow wrestling.

Tag Team Championship: The North retained against The Smoes. This was another comedy segment from The North searching for top opposition since they are stuck in Canada.

Ethan Page understood how Josh Alexander was frustrated with the level of competition last week, so Page outsourced the job of picking their opponents. It turned out to be another pair of skinny jabrones. Page received a lengthy introduction as the most admired sex symbol voted by Masculine Fisherman Magazine. Page superkicked one Smoe right at the start then used his unconscious body, like Weekend at Bernie’s, to hit pretend moves to make it appear as a tougher match. The result was a squash victory.

Rosemary was back at the bar.

The stuffed dog toy, Mr. Mundo, was by her side this time. John E. Bravo strolled up to take back Mr. Mundo. They bickered about missing Taya. Rosemary looked at her cards in shock. Is Bravo the man she needs to seduce? Rosemary thought it over, bit into an apple, then smiled at the idea.

Chris Bey approached Johnny Swinger with false gossip. Bey claimed that Willie Mack was running his mouth how he was the star of the Mack and Pack Connection. Bey claimed that Mack said Swinger could never beat him to become X-Division Champ. Swinger went to look for Mack to straighten him out.

The Swingman confronted Mack. He accused Mack of having a big head and an out of control ego. Swinger entered Mack into the Royal Humble. He plans to take Mack off his high horse. Mack accepted the challenge. Swinger gets his title shot next week. Mack was confused about Swinger’s rantings the whole time.

Self-proclaimed TNA Heavyweight Championship: Moose defeated Suicide. Moose declared it would be a title match even though he’s not officially recognized as the holder of the retired belt. Moose used his size and power advantages to control the action. Highlights include a powerbomb by Moose onto the apron and a rolling slam then a Lionsault from Suicide.

The finish involved a referee spot. He was accidentally crushed in the corner by a charging Moose. Suicide and Moose exchanged strikes back and forth. Moose went high risk flying and got caught with a facebreaker. The ref was still down. Suicide could have picked up an easy ten count. As Suicide was checking on the ref, Moose attempted a spear. Suicide leaped up and over for a sunset flip pin. Moose kicked out at two. The ref was still weary and not paying full attention, so Moose kicked Suicide in the nuggets. A spear followed as the winning maneuver for Moose.

Here’s an update on the status of Ken Shamrock.

Of all the names to take seriously as World Champion material in 2020, I never thought Hernandez would be on that list. That’s not a shot at Super Mex. I enjoy his work and style. It’s just that he hasn’t been around for awhile. Hernandez returned on the TNA special and has been putting in work ever since. I figured he would have been used to elevate Madman Fulton, especially with the 3-on-1 oVe advantage. I was pleasantly surprised that Hernandez won. I’m rooting for him to run the gauntlet and win the #1 contender tournament. I don’t know how many PPVs Hernandez could sell in a match against Tessa Blanchard, but I’d be interesting in seeing it. I’d settle for Hernandez being the one to take the TNA Heavyweight strap off Moose as an honorary title win for his service to TNA and Impact over the years.

On the other side of the bracket, Trey Miguel took care of Rohit Raju. I felt Trey was the heavy favorite, but all these fierce promos from Rohit caused me to rethink my stance. Nope. Trey won. I’m curious to see the next direction for Rohit. He talked a big game and failed to deliver. Rohit is going to need some character development to overcome the loser stench on his name.

Moose is gold as the fake TNA Heavyweight Champion. The story is so ridiculous. Moose makes it work by dripping with delusion. In his match with Suicide, I was lost in the moment and thought Suicide was going to win on that sunset flip. It wasn’t meant to be for Suicide as Moose used dirty tricks to win.

Quick thoughts: Rosemary seducing John E. Bravo is going to be a hoot. They need to have a camera on Taya for live reaction. Crazzy Steve leading oVe would be an interesting turn of events, or at least stealing Madman Fulton for his own use in a tag team. Johnny Swinger continues to be the best thing going on Impact. His character is a laugh riot.

Share your thoughts on Impact. Which match stole the show? Who put in your favorite performance?

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