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Sandman tossed New Jack off a balcony in Impact’s 5 greatest tournaments

Impact Wrestling is ready to kick off a #1 contender tournament for Tessa Blanchard’s World Championship this Tuesday. With that in mind, Impact is counting down the 5 greatest tournaments in their history.

5. Hard Ten Tournament - Sandman tosses New Jack off balcony
4. Paparazzi Championship Series - Austin Aries vs Alex Shelley going to overtime
3. Bound for Glory Series 2012 - Jeff Hardy defeats Bully Ray via swanton bomb
2. World X Cup 2008 - Kaz with flying leg drop to Daivari off the X ropes at the top
1. Super X Cup 2005 - Samoa Joe defeats AJ Styles via Coquina Clutch

The two moves that stand out as insane are Sandman with a back body drop to New Jack off a balcony crashing down through tables and a flying leg drop from Frankie Kazarian off the metal structure to Daivari holding onto the X ropes high above the ring. Falling from heights is nothing new for New Jack, but it still amazes me every time I see such an instance.

For lucha libre fans, it is neat to see Volador Jr., Ultimo Guerrero, and Averno with their masks on at the World X Cup 2008.

As far as ranking the actual tournaments, the order looks tight. It is tough to beat Samoa Joe versus AJ Styles in their youthful days.

If you want to relive Impact’s glory, check out their DVD sale.

How do you rate Impact’s 5 greatest tournaments? Which tournaments are missing?

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