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Impact joins the taping in an empty arena club

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Den of Geek

Tommy Dreamer is a member of Impact Wrestling’s roster and creative team. While on Busted Open Radio this morning (April 7), Dreamer revealed that Impact is taking the same approach as AEW and WWE to creating content during the pandemic - filming in bulk in an empty venue.

The location is Skyline Studios in Nashville, according to PWInsider. Dreamer said he drove 700 miles to get to where they’re taping, so that tracks.

Impact will tape two months worth of weekly episodes over three days. Unlike AEW and WWE, who were broadcasting live prior to the coronavirus outbreak, that’s pretty standard for Impact. What will be different is the make-up of the roster. Wrestling Observer reports “several key talents will not be in attendance”, but they did not have a list of who would or wouldn’t be there.

Insider says they company plans to go forward with the Rebellion event which had been scheduled to run as a PPV in New York City later this month. It’s likely it will now be a special episode of their weekly series, or perhaps a standalone special on AXS.

No one has reported how Impact will get around Tennessee’s stay-at-home order, which is in effect until April 14.

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