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Impact Wrestling Rebellion, Night 1 recap: Ken Shamrock is still the world’s most dangerous man

Impact Wrestling went the empty arena route to put together a two night Rebellion event. Night 1 featured the mystery partner of Tommy Dreamer & Rhino, Willie Mack winning gold, and Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock going cinematic with a surprising finish.

Let’s blitz through the results of the show.

Rebellion opened with an eloquent video package.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne handled commentary duties.

Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, & Crazzy Steve defeated oVe. Steve was the mystery partner chosen by Dreamer. The finish began as Dreamer clotheslined Jake Crist over the ropes. Dreamer went over as well. Madman Fulton gorilla pressed Steve out of the ring onto Dreamer and Jake. Rhino clotheslined Fulton out of the ring. Rhino then gored Dave Crist to win.

The original Rebellion main event, before the coronavirus pandemic cancellations, was supposed to be Tessa Blanchard vs Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin. It was revealed that Tessa is stuck in Mexico. That means she will not be defending the Impact World Championship at Rebellion. (I believe Tessa lives with Daga in Tijuana.)

Eddie Edwards was also not present for Rebellion. He decided that his family was top priority, so he stayed home instead of being a part of the show. Edwards will soon be back competing for the World Championship.

Michael Elgin came to Impact to continue his quest for accolades and glory. He claimed that Tessa’s not “stuck” in Mexico. She’s an American citizen. Her real reason is that she is afraid to compete in their three-way title contest. Elgin also said that Edwards made every excuse not to be there at Rebellion. That’s okay, because Rebellion will end as it was always going to, with Elgin as World Champ.

Rascalz defeated XXXL and TJP & Fallah Bahh in a three-way tag bout. The beginning of the end had everyone going wild to get their moves in. XXXL was setting up Dez for doom. Acey Romero ran the ropes, but Wentz pulled the rope down so Romero fell out of the ring. Larry D ate two superkicks and a cutter from Wentz. Dez took flight for a Final Flash corkscrew senton bomb to pin Larry D for the win.

The North was in Canada. They aren’t stuck there. They look at it as an extended vacation in the greatest country in the world. The North plans to defend their tag titles by finding the best Canada has to offer.

Willie Mack had Rich Swann for support in his X-Division title bout. Swann’s presence means the world to Mack. Swann said that their tag title hunt is behind them. It is time for Mack to focus on winning the X-Division Championship. Swann pumped Mack up on his way out to the ring.

X-Division Championship: Willie Mack defeats Ace Austin to win the title. The story of the match was Ace in control but Mack would counter big moves. Mack caught a flying attack for a Samoan drop. Mack caught another flying attack for a sitdown powerbomb. Mack also countered a move into a pop-up cutter. For the finish, Mack countered yet again into a stunner off the top turnbuckle. He then came down heavy with a frog splash to win.

Backstage, Mack and Swann planned a celebration. Swann was proud of Mack putting a stamp on everything he’s done in this business. Swann proposed that Mack becomes a double champ when they win the tag titles. Johnny Swinger strutted onto the scene. He was also happy for Mack. The Mack and Pack Connection will live in the hearts of the mizarks. Swinger reminded Mack about getting the first title shot. With the strap, Swinger will get even more rizats. Mack and Swann ditched Swinger when he left to get his Cadillac to go partying.

Kylie Rae defeated Kiera Hogan. Back and forth bout. The end began with Kylie hitting a suplex, running uppercut, and running cannonball in the corner. Hogan kicked out at two on the pin. Hogan powered back with strikes then showboated. Kylie struck with a trip takedown into an STF submission. Hogan was forced to tap out.

Ken Shamrock defeated Sami Callihan in an unsanctioned bout. Callihan hit Shamrock with a suicide dive during Shamrock’s entrance. They brawled on the floor and backstage. That’s when things went cinematic.

Callihan threw white powder into Shamrock’s face then pummeled him with chairs and a trashcan. Callihan attacked with a chain wrapped around his fist. Callihan put the chain around Shamrock’s mouth to inflict more damage. Shamrock fought back with ground and pound. oVe attacked out of nowhere. Callihan gave them the thumbs up, thumbs down routine then beat up his own friends.

Callihan and Shamrock rose to their feet to finish it outside. More brawling in the parking lot. Callihan locked in a sleeper hold. Shamrock broke free and snatched Callihan’s ankle. Callihan passed out from the pain of the ankle lock. Shamrock was declared the winner and still the world’s most dangerous man.

Check out the match highlights.

Wow! I did not anticipate a victory from Ken Shamrock at all. All signs pointed to Sami Callihan having success. He had a new gimmick, he still had unfinished business with Tessa Blanchard, and he claimed he is the new world’s most dangerous man. Add in that Shamrock is 56 years and a nostalgia act at this point. In the end, it was Shamrock who made Callihan pass out. I was truly shocked in a good way.

This match was not a technical gem, but I found it be entertaining. I still get a thrill out of seeing Shamrock compete, so my opinion is biased. Impact went to their cinematic scheming early after about three minutes of brawling. That was a smart move. As I already mentioned, Shamrock is 56. This method covered for his physical limitations.

It will be interesting to see where Callihan goes from here. I’m not sure how he rebounds. He could keep pestering Shamrock, but what’s the next level of torment after a fireball to the face? Callihan did sort of turn on oVe, but I view it more like he wanted to fight Shamrock solo rather than hatred toward oVe. Perhaps Callihan turns babyface after being humbled by Shamrock. Pfft, I don’t see that coming, but it would be an intriguing story development.

Congratulations to Willie Mack on becoming the new X-Division Champion. This is the most prestigious title win of his career. The stunner at the end looked awkward. It was tough to see Mack’s movement due to the camera angle. Aside from that, it was a pretty decent match.

Overall, night 1 of Rebellion felt like an above average episode of their weekly television program. The card is definitely hindered by missing talent. The top two matches are both off. No Tessa Blanchard vs Eddie Edwards vs Michael Elgin, nor Jordynne Grace vs Taya in Full Metal Mayhem. That’s a bummer.

Next week’s night 2 of Rebellion will feature:

  • Suicide vs Chris Bey vs Trey Miguel vs Rohit Raju
  • Joey Ryan vs Jake Deaner
  • Full Metal Mayhem: Rosemary vs Havok
  • The future of the world title

Share your thoughts on night 1 of Rebellion. Which was your favorite match of the evening? Did you like the cinematic flavor of the main event? Good call or bad call to have Ken Shamrock be victorious? What should be Sami Callihan’s next move?

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