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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions: Tessa’s enormous ego cost her the tag titles

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Impact Wrestling kicked off their Atlanta tapings to set up the future championship three-way between Tessa Blanchard, Michael Elgin, and Eddie Edwards. Tessa is letting her ego and pride affect her in a negative way. Elgin is picking his spots for physicality. Edwards continues to be a stand-up fellow. It is all mixing into a curious plot.

First, let’s catch up on the March 31 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Madison Rayne was guest commentator alongside Josh Matthews.

Josh Alexander defeated Eddie Edwards. Edwards hit a Tiger Bomb, but Alexander kicked out of the pin. Edwards was in the corner waiting to strike, then Ethan Page grabbed his foot. Alexander used the distraction to score the win with a jackknife pin.

Afterward, The North beat down Edwards. Tessa Blanchard ran in for the save. Tessa and Eddie had a tense staredown as future opponents in a three-way with Michael Elgin at Rebellion, which has since been postponed due to coronavirus concerns.

Backstage, Page was crotchety about Tessa sticking her nose in their business. He challenged her to a match. That was made official to be the main event of this episode.

Kylie Rae defeated Cassandra Golden. This was a showcase for Rae’s big return. Rae was victorious after a Russian leg sweep then an STF submission.

Backstage, Rae announced that she signed a long-term deal with Impact.

Moose defeated Kid Kash. Moose had the mic to claim he is better than any wrestler from TNA. Kash came out to dispute that notion. He doesn’t think Moose would measure up in the original TNA. Moose told Kash to get in the ring and prove his point. This was a quick bout. Kash had a nice slingshot hurricanrana down to the floor. Back in the ring, Moose jumped over a running Kash then speared him to win.

XXXL. Acey Romero and Larry D formed a new tag team. They’ve got size. They’re not just your average lumbering big men. They will shake the world. Size matters. TJP and Fallah Bahh interrupted. If XXXL wants the tag titles, they have to get in line behind TJP and Bahh.

Rich Swann had a satellite interview. He is recovering at home from an ankle injury. He supports Willie Mack’s chances at winning the X-Division title from Ace Austin, but Mack needs to watch his back. Ace interrupted to smacktalk Swann from afar. Reno Scum made a visit to Swann’s house to beat him up.

Mack wanted to get at Ace but was held back by security.

Sami Callihan promo. After losing the World Championship to Tessa, he left to get his mind straight. Why fireball Ken Shamrock in his return? He’s tired of wresting legends pushing down talent. Callihan wants to make sure Shamrock earns his spot. Enter Tommy Dreamer. He was mad at Sami for trying to end a man’s career. Dreamer fights for everyone and never backs down from bullies. Impromptu street fight!

Sami Callihan defeated Tommy Dreamer. The plunder was chairs, a plunger, a trashcan, a cookie sheet, and staplers. Callihan won with a DVD onto chairs and a piledriver. Afterward, Sami planned to injury Dreamer, but Rhino made the save. oVe came out to assist Sami. Callihan touched his ICU device. Lights out, lights on. Sami was gone, and oVe was confused.

Rosemary was at the bar picking up souls. Love made her weak and vulnerable. Now, she’ll use humans as she sees fit.

Susie said hello backstage, but everyone ran away. She approached the Deaners. They were also creeped out.

Cody Deaner defeated Joey Ryan. Jake Deaner poured beer in Ryan’s mouth, then Cody won with a DDT.

Eddie Edwards offered his help to Tessa Blanchard against the North to return the favor. Tessa declined.

Michael Elgin is bigger and badder after the best-of-5 with Edwards. Tessa showed she has big balls by challenging both of them. He will become World Champ at Rebellion.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Ethan Page. Josh Alexander interfered, so Eddie Edwards ran down to smash him. Tessa hit Page with Magnum to win. She was ungrateful for Edwards help. Michael Elgin ambushed them, but Tessa and Eddie stood tall in the end while side-eyeing each other.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results for the April 7 show.

Madison Rayne returned for commentary with Josh Matthews.

Willie Mack defeated Reno Scum. Mack called out Ace Austin and Reno Scum for attacking Rich Swann. Reno Scum came out, so Mack made it 2 vs 1. Mack won with a stunner then frog splash to Luster. Ace attacked after the match.

Kylie Rae met Gail Kim then Susie. Kiera Hogan informed Kylie about their match at Rebellion. Kiera then challenged Susie to a match.

Chris Bey defeated Daga. Bey won with a roll-up by grabbing the ropes for leverage.

Taya is still angry about losing the Knockouts Championship. She took out her frustration by whacking a padded John E. Bravo with a chair.

Tree House. The Deaners dropped by to hang out. As did TJP and Fallah Bahh. As did XXXL. All were invited by the each of the Rascalz. The Deaners brought beer. TJP and Bahh brought food. Attempts at comedy ensued.

Jessicka Havok defeated Madison Rayne. Havok caught a flying crossbody then won with a tombstone piledriver.

Tessa Blanchard confronted Eddie Edwards.

She didn’t want his help last week. Eddie tried to smooth things over, since they have a tag title bout against The North. He tried to convince her of their opportunity. Tessa can accept his help and win the tag belts, or she can go alone.

Ken Shamrock had retina damage from the fireball from Sami Callihan. He was angry about Sami trying to injure him. There will be a contract signing next week for Rebellion. There is a no-contact rule until the show.

Rhino & Tommy Dreamer defeated the Crists. Madman Fulton was ejected early. Rhino won with a Gore to Jake Crist. Fulton returned after the bell to beat up the veterans.

Rosemary was back at the bar sizing up men when she ran into Johnny Swinger.

Swinger has a match next week against young buck M. Jackson. The Swingman offered to show Rosemary how much better he is when back on the sauce. Rosemary was intrigued, but Taya would never let her live it down if she canoodled with Swinger.

Kiera Hogan defeated Susie. Susie was actually a decent wrestler as that naive character. I was expecting her to be timid. Kiera won with a swinging cradle neckbreaker.

Michael Elgin asked which of The North would step aside so he could get his hands on Tessa and Eddie. The North got angry, then Elgin told them to use that anger in the ring.

Tenille Dashwood spoke to Impact management and will wrestle Taya next week. It was also revealed that Taya would get her Knockouts rematch against Jordynne Grace in Full Metal Mayhem at Rebellion.

The North defeated Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards. Good match. Tessa and Eddie ended up working well as a team until the finish. Tessa crawled for a hot tag to Eddie, but she stopped short and refused to tag him.

The North won a short while later with their teamwork finisher on Tessa.

After the match, Tessa shoved Eddie and claimed he was really plotting for her World Championship. Elgin snuck in to attack Tessa. Eddie shrugged his shoulders and watched from the ramp. Tessa didn’t want his help, so he didn’t help.

Hmm, this is a curious story Impact is telling with Tessa Blanchard. Consider me stumped. Are they turning her heel? In my view, she’s more heel now than face. Her ego and pride are out of control. Since it is in a competitive nature, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s turned to the dark side. There are numerous great sports stars who are jerks within competition but are swell souls outside the arena.

Personally, I’ve never bought Tessa as a likable character. She was the babyface against Sami Callihan because Sami is so despicable. Plus, there was the women empowerment angle as well. That felt like a crutch to get support rather than her being a true babyface. Now, we see her ego on full display when interacting with Eddie Edwards. She comes across as the brat that Sami always accused her of being.

While the Rebellion show has been canceled as a PPV, rumors suggest Impact will be going forth with that show as an empty arena taping. Hopefully Tessa, Eddie, and Elgin will all be available to still have this three-way for the World Championship. Eddie is the clear good guy, Tessa is the tweener, and Elgin is the bad guy. With Tessa’s poor attitude, I think it would be a mistake for her to retain clean. There needs to be consequences or else her story falls flat in the end.

Quick thoughts about the rest of Impact. I don’t like Kylie Rae. She’s too energized to the point of being annoying. Good to see Chris Bey score a big win. Building up a newcomer is always smart. I really want Rosemary and Johnny Swinger together as a couple. They could provide endless comedy.

What do you think is the endgame for this Tessa story? Who would you have win at Rebellion in the three-way?