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Impact’s TNA on AXS recap - Scott Steiner: ‘PC snowflakes can kiss my (expletive deleted)’

Impact Wrestling brought back some big names and fan favorites for a special episode of TNA on AXS (Mar. 31, 2020). The list included Hernandez, Chase Stevens, Johnny Swinger, Kid Kash, Suicide, and Manik. The peaks were Scott Steiner uncensored on the mic and another footnote in the never-ending feud between Raven and Tommy Dreamer.

This episode was designed as a teaser to hype up TNA: There’s No Place Like Home, which was scheduled to take place on April 3. Unfortunately, that April 3 event has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though that dampened the purpose of this special, it was still an enjoyable hour of television to celebrate TNA.

Most of you are probably here to see Scott Steiner unleashed. I won’t keep you waiting. Enjoy.

Let’s run down the TNA on AXS episode from top to bottom.

The show began with a flashback intro and a poetic monologue.

Yesterday, they were dreamers, embracing the promise of tomorrow. One day, they became fearless leaders in a brave new world. They built lasting legacies and forged indelible moments that forever echo through time. Today is the dawn of another new era, but they will never forget their storied past. Tonight, yesterday is honored. They come together to celebrate, to remember, to relive the dream one more time.

That package was really well done. I highly recommend watching the clip above. It set the mood of celebrating the past and for what’s to come. It felt like a motivational speech entering into battle. That speech certainly pumped me up.

Scott D’Amore and David Penzer handled commentary duties.

Hernandez defeated Chase Stevens. This was a quick bout. Hernandez went for the Border Toss early, but Stevens escaped. Stevens connected on a German suplex, and Hernandez hit his signature slingshot shoulder tackle. Stevens got the upper hand with a superplex, but Hernandez kicked out at two. Super Mex kicked Stevens in the gut then crushed him with the Border Toss to win.

That was solid action to whet the appetite. Both men went in there, hit some spots, then got out. I’m a fan of Hernandez, so I was happy to see him win. Stevens looked impressive in that short stint. He seems like he can still compete at a quality level today.

Knockouts hype video.

Gail Kim was interviewed by Jimmy Jacobs. She is excited to watch the Knockouts gauntlet match at TNA: There’s No Place Like Home. Knockouts are breaking the glass ceiling with Tessa Blanchard as Impact World Champion.

Ultimate X hype video.

Ace Austin was interviewed by Jacobs. He has competed in Ultimate X once before. He risked it all. That was before Ace hit his stride as champ. There is no sacrifice he won’t make to ensure he remains X-Division champ. Ace knows a little something about non-stop (licks lips) action. That’s what the XXX division is all about.

Suicide & Manik defeated Johnny Swinger & Kid Kash. Penzer acknowledged that Suicide became Manik, and now they are two individuals. D’Amore shed off the question to explain. As for the men underneath the masks, it looks like TJP is Manik. I’m not sure who was under the Suicide mask. Fan speculation is that he could be one of the Rascalz, but I can’t say for certain.

Swinger and Kash used a grounding style against the high flying of Suicide and Manik. The masked men picked up steam with slingshot dives on opposite ends of the ring. Back inside the ropes, Manik hit Kash with a flying crossbody. Suicide closed it out with a flying swanton to pin Kash for the win.

Another solid throwback. Suicide and Manik provided the high spots to pop the crowd. Kash’s aggression was enjoyable. The only thing missing was a promo from the Swingman.

A package played quizzing current talent about the rules of the King of the Mountain match. Willie Mack was the only one who knew.

Scott Steiner uncensored. Steiner came down to the ring to speak as only he can. When he heard Impact was putting on a TNA show, he wasn’t going to miss being there. Steiner is the reason T&A shows up in TNA. He’s talking about tits and ass. Steiner called out to his freaks in Atlanta.

Steiner may upset a few snowflakes stating he isn’t politically correct. He doesn’t care, because he’s not part of PC culture. Snowflakes can take FaceTime and shove it up their ass. Steiner transitioned into Steiner math for his four-way tag match with Petey Williams at the TNA: There’s No Place Like Home event.

Steiner was interrupted by Joey Ryan of Cancel Culture. Ryan was a wet blanket raining on Steiner’s parade. He said that Steiner should have been canceled a long time ago, just like TNA was. Ryan offered Steiner a chance at redemption by joining Cancel Culture. Say goodbye to Big Poppa Pump and say hello to Big Proper Pump. Ryan wanted to consummate it with a handshake. Steiner looked to the fans then clotheslined Ryan and tossed him out of the ring. Ryan and his snowflakes can kiss Steiner’s ass.

I’ll never get tired of Scott Steiner being uncensored. He brings the chuckles like few others. It was a nice touch to have Joey Ryan interrupt, so we could get a little bit of physicality without anything strenuous.

Raven explained the genesis of the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match.

There needed to be a creation of something violent. A death trap was born that had the genius, ruthlessness, and sense of humor of its creator, Raven. It’s only funny when someone gets hurt. The match was designed to hurt, maim, and scar. Scars are souvenirs you never lose. The match is inherently unstable, like its competitors. It is all for his amusement. Quote the Raven, “Nevermore.”

Rhino defeated Madman Fulton via DQ. This was a preview for Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun at the TNA: There’s No Place Like Home event. That bout was scheduled to be a three-way between Rhino, Fulton, and Sabu. This bout was a straight singles matchup.

The big men hossed it up. After Rhino hit a belly-to-belly suplex, the Crist brothers ran down to interfere. Rhino was awarded the DQ victory.

Tommy Dreamer came in for the save, but the numbers game got him. Light out. Lights on. Raven!

Raven cleaned house with a kendo stick on oVe. Raven helped Dreamer to his feet. They hugged, then Raven whacked Dreamer in the head with the kendo stick.

oVe continued their assault on Rhino and Dreamer. Suicide and Manik ran down to assist the good guys. Swinger, Kash, and Stevens ran down to assist the bad guys. Hernandez was the last one out in the superhero role. He tossed everyone down to the floor. Kash took flight onto the bodies below. Hernandez followed with his Air Mexico leap over the ropes. Hernandez stood tall to close the show.

The singles match didn’t really serve much purpose, but the closing skirmish was all kinds of fun. Raven saving the day then hitting Dreamer with a kendo stick for the umpteenth time was classic. The locker room clearing brawl provided a pleasant finish. As I said earlier, I’m a fan of Hernandez, so you can correctly assume I enjoyed that he was the one to stand tall in the end.

Grade: B+

This was an amusing episode with decent action. The video packages were excellent. The highlights were Scott Steiner being uncensored, Raven explaining the Clockwork Orange House of Fun, and of course Raven hitting Tommy Dreamer one more time. Steiner’s shtick will never get old, nor will Raven fighting Dreamer.

It’s too bad that TNA: There’s No Place Like Home was postponed. If that show was still a go, then I would have given this TNA special an A for what its purpose was. It did a fantastic job of mixing blasts from the past with building anticipation for the upcoming event. I was genuinely eager to see TNA: There’s No Place Like Home. However, since that event was postponed, it felt like a letdown to get excited for something we won’t be seeing for who knows how long.

Did you enjoy Impact’s TNA special? How would you rate the show? What was your favorite moment?

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