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Dixie Carter gets comeuppance in TNA’s 5 most defining moments

In an effort to promote Impact’s upcoming TNA throwback show on April 3, Impact posted a Top 5 of TNA’s most defining moments. It featured Dixie Carter getting comeuppance, betrayal, and a cage-walker. This is definitely a top 5 worth watching.

5. Bully puts Dixie through a table - Impact Wrestling (Aug. 7, 2014)
4. Bobby Roode betrays James Storm - Impact Wrestling (Nov. 3, 2011)
3. AJ Styles’ epic World Championship win - TNA No Surrender (Sep. 20, 2009)
2. Kurt Angle headbutting Samoa Joe - TNA Impact! (Oct. 19, 2006)
1. Elix Skipper’s cage-walking hurricanrana - TNA Turning Point (Dec. 5, 2004)

Dixie Carter through a table got a pop out of me. Credit to her for taking the bump as a non-wrestler. I love the level of boos toward Bobby Roode for breaking a beer bottle on James Storm’s head. AJ Styles winning the title fell flat for me, since I don’t know the context of that moment. I’ve seen that headbutt from Kurt Angle in other top 5 videos from Impact, and it is awesome every single time. That was a crazy hurricanrana from Elix Skipper, but the real kudos should go to Chris Harris for taking it. That move shows Harris truly earned a spot to be in Impact’s TNA: There’s No Place Like Home on April 3.

How do you rate the top 5 list for TNA’s most defining moments? Which moments are missing?

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