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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions (Mar. 3, 2020): Tessa & Taya make history

Impact Wrestling (Mar. 3, 2020) returned from Las Vegas with a no DQ fight between Su Yung and Jessicka Havok, more Gut Check, and a history making Impact World Championship bout as the first time between two women.

Let’s blitz through the results.

TJP & Fallah Bahh defeated The North. The North were trying for a teamwork slam maneuver to Bahh, but TJP flew over the top for a sunset flip jackknife pin on Josh Alexander to win. This was non-title. Beating the champs will most likely earn a championship opportunity for TJP & Bahh.

Tessa Blanchard was interviewed backstage. Tessa is not the same wrestler when Taya beat her over a year ago to win the Knockouts Championship. Eddie Edwards interrupted. He has respect for Tessa, but he’ll be waiting to challenge her when he wins the best-of-5 series against Michael Elgin for the Call Your Shot Trophy. Edwards will cash in at the Rebellion PPV on April 19.

Moose defeated Petey Williams. Moose used a fireman’s carry slam then a spear to win.

Madison Rayne started her own Golden Opportunity boot camp inspired by Gut Check. Kiera Hogan came by, and they started bickering. One of Rayne’s students stepped up to Hogan. Rayne was excited to see that, and dismissed everyone else.

Acey Romero defeated Joey Ryan. Ryan had Romero set up for the dick flip, but Ryan removed Romero’s hand from his crotch. It was like Ryan didn’t want to use his specialty anymore. Romero ended up winning with a running elbow drop.

Disco Inferno and Johnny Swinger approached Willie Mack. They plan on beating a couple of ham-and-eggers, then they will be coming for Mack. He can find himself a partner to take on the hottest team in the territory. Mack said he doesn’t need a partner.

Joey Ryan was pouring out his frustration to Katie Forbes. RVD rolled up. Katie explained that she understands what it’s like for Joey to perform then have fans talk crap on social media. Joey thanked her for listening and was glad they have each other. RVD stared at Ryan suspiciously as he walked away.

No DQ: Su Yung defeated Jessicka Havok. Weapons used were chairs, a trashcan, a kendo stick, and a noose. For the finish, Havok tied Su to the ropes, grabbed a kendo stick, then was sprayed with GREEN MIST! Su applied the Mandible Claw. Havok wouldn’t quit. Su clobbered Havok with kendo shots. Su used the noose for leverage in a Camel Clutch position then went for the Mandible Claw again. This time, Havok passed out.

After the match, the undead bridesmaids carried out a coffin. Havok was stuffed inside, however, she burst out to escape.

Jimmy Jacobs found Rosemary backstage for a reaction to the previous match. Rosemary should be happy, but something was off. She has been consumed for revenge about Bunny. Rosemary left to retrace her steps on her path of vengeance.

The Deaners defeated Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger. Disco had a roll of quarters that he would use himself and also pass to his partner to cheat. Disco accidentally hit Swinger with a loaded punch. Cody hit Swinger with a DDT to win.

ICU interrupted the screen post-match to tease, “When?”

Gut Check. Tony Gunn spit on his opponent during a match. The trainers felt disrespected by this action taking place inside their dojo. John E. Bravo was mad at Gunn for that and for also taking a picture in front of the ring for social media without permission. Scott D’Amore said screw it. He won’t sign any of them.

Taya sees right through Tessa Blanchard. Taya thinks Tessa is selfish and a master manipulator. Tessa has all of Impact drunk with her Kool-Aid. Taya is the only one sober. Tessa’s fairy tale is over. The bad guy will win, and that bad guy is Taya.

Impact World Championship: Tessa Blanchard retains against Taya. This was the first time two females competed for the World Championship. John E. Bravo was ringside. Tessa controlled the action early until Bravo provided a distraction for Taya to attack. Taya was in control for awhile until a cutter from Tessa. It was back and forth after that. Big moves were a powerbomb by Tessa and a Northern Lights suplex by Taya. Bravo was eliminated from the mix when Taya accidentally charged into him. For the finish, it looked like Taya was maybe attempting a buckle bomb, but Tessa countered into a hurricanrana to send Taya’s head crashing into the turnbuckle pad. Tessa hit a hammerlock DDT to win.

Tessa and Taya made history as two women competing for a men’s world championship. The match was okay although underwhelming given the historical hype from Impact. It felt like a standard TV match instead of a PPV-level match on free TV. I was expecting something that would rank near the best in the Tessa vs Taya rivalry. This contest isn’t deserving to be their final chapter. I hope they get another chance down the line to put on a crackerjack of a fight as a closer to their conflict.

Su Yung versus Jessicka Havok was interesting. It had that weirdness factor that piques curiosity. With all the weapons in the ring, it was a little on the tame side for violence. I’ll always pop for GREEN MIST! So, that was nice.

Gut Check still hasn’t caught my interest. It feels like they are putting over the trainers at the expense of the participants. There’s no one to root for through two episodes. Perhaps it is designed to be a redemption story for whoever gets signed.

Impact went with the ‘making the tag champs look weak’ route as TJP & Fallah Bahh have beaten The North in singles and tag bouts. The North are close to becoming the longest reigning tag champs in Impact history, but these losses do them no favors to be considered as one of the best teams in Impact history.

Disco Inferno and Johnny Swinger are already my favorite tag team in Impact. I could watch those two knuckleheads all day long.

What was your favorite moment from this episode of Impact Wrestling?

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