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Impact Wrestling recap & reactions (Mar. 24, 2020): Undead Realm character stabbed to death

Impact Wrestling (Mar. 24, 2020) returned with a surprise appearance from Suicide, a bloody Taya, an impassioned speech from Raven, and a fight to the death in the Undead Realm.

Before we get into the recap, Impact announced that their Rebellion PPV for April 19 and TV tapings for April 24 & 25 have been postponed.

The headline news from this episode was a fight in the Undead Realm between Su Yung and Jessicka Havok as sanctioned by James Mitchell. There was also a fantastic guest appearance from Raven to set up part of the events that unfolded in the Undead Realm.

Earlier in the evening, Rosemary was at the bar lamenting about airheads being so happy. She has spent two years in her current Undead Realm revenge story. A voice scoffed at it only being two years. That voice turned out to be Raven.

He explained the satisfaction of his never-ending feud with Tommy Dreamer. He looked forward to slicing Dreamer’s IV drip when they become old men. Rosemary teleported away.

Raven’s glee was great. “Forever!” His vivid description of the torture planned for Dreamer in the retirement home was wonderful. I can totally imagine Raven plotting up punishment for future encounters with Dreamer. This speech by Raven was the best part of the show.

Later, it was time for the epic confrontation between Yung and Havok. Here’s a tease of Yung slicing a minion’s throat.

The full 11-minute scene won’t be enjoyed by everyone, but it is certainly worth checking out to see the over-the-top climax to the Undead Realm saga. It has a machete sword, a meat hook, and a surprising death at the end.

Su Yung was shown hiding a dagger in her boot prior to entering the transportation casket to the Undead Realm. Yung arrived in James Mitchell’s den of iniquity. Mitchell declared that since Yung and Havok can’t play well with each other, one of them has to go.

Havok grabbed a crowbar, while Yung’s weapon of choice was a machete sword. Havok had the upper hand until Yung placed her noose around Havok’s neck. That’s when some creepo came alive to hit Yung with a baseball bat. Yung retaliated by slitting his throat with her sword.

Yung pointed her sword at Mitchell. Havok noosed Yung from behind. Yung fought back, so Havok grabbed a meat hook to fish-hook Yung’s cheek. Mandible claw by Yung to turn the tide. Yung was going to slaughter Havok with the sword until Mitchell spoke up.

Mitchell decided that they were both more trouble than they were worth. He used his minions to banish them to the wasteland. The two wandered until Rosemary transported by their side. She can undo what was done if they trust her. They put their hands as one and transported back to Mitchell’s den.

Yung and Havok confronted Mitchell. Yung grabbed the dagger from her boot. Havok stopped her then stabbed Mitchell herself. It appears that Mitchell died and went to heaven with cats and Abyss.

That Undead Realm battle sure was something. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the entire Undead Realm saga, so I didn’t have expectations of how the story would play out. I like the creative use of their surroundings to be in the desert while taping in Las Vegas. I was very surprised that Mitchell was the one to die. I guess that makes Rosemary the queen of the Undead Realm now. With that speech from Raven, Rosemary could choose to continue the fussing and feuding or maybe Impact wraps up that portion of their world.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results.

Willie Mack becomes X-Division #1 contender. He defeated Chris Bey, Acey Romero, Daga, Rohit Raju, Jake Crist, Jake Deaner, and Trey Miguel in a scramble match. The pace was non-stop. For the finish, Acey Romero took out five bodies on a suicide dive. Deaner hit Crist with a sidewalk slam. On the pin, Mack came flying in with a frog splash to Deaner. Mack pinned Deaner to win.

oVe wants to get back on a winning streak. Jake believes Sami Callihan was testing them. Dave wasn’t buying it. After that disagreement, they pulled together to be family.

Moose defeated Chase Stevens. Stevens started with fire, but Moose won the short bout with a spear. Moose put the boots to Stevens after the bell. Moose placed Stevens head in a chair with bad intent, but Scott D’Amore interrupted. That distraction allowed the reappearance of Suicide. Suicide hit a flying dropkick and a flying crossbody to Moose.

Ace Austin, with Reno Scum by his side, congratulated Mack for his win. Mack knows Ace likes to play mind games, so Mack wasn’t getting fooled. He is going to take the X-Division belt. Ace exited, and Johnny Swinger entered. Swinger supported Mack’s goal, so they could give the fans what they really want; a match between Swinger and Mack for the X-Division title. Swinger would get more rizats than ever by winning gold.

Reno Scum defeated the Rascalz. Reno Scum used a teamwork finisher of a stretch submission with a flying stomp to win.

Joey Ryan will cancel Cody Deaner next week over his toxic masculinity. Meanwhile, the Deaners were on the farm. Cody tried to figure out why he was getting cancelled by Cancel Culture. Cody admitted he might have looked at Katie Forbes. Cody decided that he has to beat Ryan to prevent cancellation.

Sami Callihan hacked the broadcast. He attacked Ken Shamrock as part of a bigger picture. Impact is playing right into his hands with the match against Shamrock at Rebellion. He plans on taking over everything. The blood will be on Impact’s hands for making the match. Callihan is now the world’s most dangerous man.

Rhino & Sabu defeated Dave Crist & Madman Fulton. oVe lost after referee malfeasance. Crist had been yelling at the ref throughout the match. In the end, Crist low-blowed Rhino and shoved the ref on his butt. Crist grabbed a chair, which was legal in this bout. The ref snatched the chair from Crist, and Rhino speared Crist to win.

Michael Elgin & Taya defeated Tessa Blanchard & Eddie Edwards. The winners get the advantage for Lockdown, which has now been postponed. The top sequence was when Elgin caught a flying Magnum from Tessa then powerbombed her on top of Edwards.

It continued when Tessa powered back with a reverse rana then tornado DDT.

For the finish, Taya and Elgin unloaded heavy strikes to Edwards. Elgin picked Edwards up for a buckle bomb. Taya took out Tessa with a flying crossbody to the floor. Elgin earned the win with an Elgin Bomb on Edwards.

Somewhere along the way, Taya was bloodied. It provided a very cool image at the end.

The matches were pretty solid this week. Chris Bey stood out as a newcomer with his nifty moves. Willie Mack becoming #1 contender in the X-Division should create an enjoyable story with Ace Austin. The main event match was hard-hitting and a good sign of things to come. Tessa Blanchard eventually defending against Eddie Edwards and Michael Elgin should deliver a great title fight.

Impact will be back next week with a regular episode and also a one-hour special with TNA talent. That was filmed to promote the now cancelled TNA: There’s No Place Like Home event for April 3.

What was your favorite moment from this episode of Impact Wrestling?

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