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Impact Wrestling: Sami Callihan returned as a fireballing hacker

Impact Wrestling rolled on from Las Vegas. The latest episode (Mar. 17) featured the debut of Chris Bey, The North defending the tag team titles, Lockdown teams being chosen, and Sami Callihan throwing a fireball into the face of Ken Shamrock during his Hall of Fame announcement.

Let’s catch up on the 3/10 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Rhino defeated Madman Fulton. The Crist brothers were ejected from ringside. Rhino won with a Gore after Fulton missed a high-risk attack. The Crists beat up Rhino after the bell. Lights out. Lights on. Sabu! He cleaned house with a DDT to Fulton on a chair. Super Genie was also there by Sabu’s side.

Tessa Blanchard knows a target is on her back as champ. It doesn’t matter if Eddie Edwards or Michael Elgin is the next challenger. She will be walking out of Rebellion as World Champion.

ICU hacked Impact’s Twitter account.

Rascalz defeated Desi Hit Squad. Zachary Wentz smashed Shera with a senton, then Dezmond Xavier followed with a corkscrew senton to win.

Katie Forbes was upset about trolls commenting about her body. She threw her top in the trashcan. The Deaners thought she looked nice wearing that. Joey Ryan took issue with their compliment. Ryan challenged them to a match next episode. RVD didn’t realize he was to team with Ryan. Once RVD caught on, he shrugged and gave Ryan a fist pound.

Tenille Dashwood had a vignette walking down the street with the message, “Dare to live the life you’ve always wanted.”

Impact Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace retained against Lacey Ryan. Madison Rayne brought a contender for Grace’s open challenge. In the end, Grace ducked some strikes then snatched Ryan up for a Grace Driver to win.

Fallah Bahh had anxiety about trying to become the first Filipino tag team champions. TJP relaxed Bahh with confidence.

Chris Sabin has a backstage role with Impact. He will be special guest referee for the King of the Mountain match at TNA: There’s No Place Like Home on April 3. (That show has since been cancelled due to coronavirus precautions.) Moose interrupted to say he would win. Sabin kept clarifying the complicated rules for the match. Moose thought it was stupid but said he would still win.

Taya was in a bar crying about losing. Rosemary was in the corner drinking and yelled at Taya. Rosemary was frustrated about feeling empty inside even though all her enemies were fighting each other as planned. They bonded to become party pals.

Willie Mack and a surprise partner defeated Disco Inferno & Johnny Swinger. Mack started alone. He could have had a partner, but he choose to stay true to injured pal Rich Swann. Disco and Swinger were in control when Disco used a roll of quarters to punch Mack. As a surprise, Ace Austin ran down to be Mack’s partner. Ace hit the Fold on Disco then tagged in Mack for a frog splash to win. Ace tried to convince a confused Mack that they should be a team.

Jessicka Havok was wandering backstage Su Yung attacked with a noose. They fought in the hallway. Yung opened up the Undead Realm casket and trapped Havok inside.

Swinger and Disco were arguing backstage. Swinger accused Disco of being rusty, while Disco questioned if Swinger knew how to work. Disco ended up quitting the team.

Gut Check. 6-man tag match to impress. The cliffhanger was that Scott D’Amore had to pick the two most impressive for the finals next episode.

Match 5 for the Call Your Shot Trophy: Michael Elgin versus Eddie Edwards ends in controversy.

Elgin started heavy with a DVD on the entrance ramp. Edwards rebounded with a Blue Thunder bomb in the ring. The match progressed with big moves and the similar formula of Elgin punishing Edwards while Edwards survived with spurts of offense.

The beginning of the end had exchanges of power moves and pinfall kick-outs. Elgin accidentally clotheslined the referee when Edwards ducked. While Elgin was distracted, Edwards clobbered him with the Boston Knee Party. A replacement ref ran down for the count. Elgin kicked out at two.

Elgin took control with a spike piledriver then a crossface submission. Edwards shifted their position so Elgin was on his back. That’s when controversy erupted. One ref counted the three count for Edwards to win, while the other ref saw Edwards tap to give Elgin the win.

Tessa Blanchard came out to settle the situation. She offered to wrestle both for the title at Rebellion on April 19. That later became an official three-way for the Impact World Championship.

As of now, Rebellion is still planned to take place, but that could change depending on the national status of the coronavirus as the date comes closer.

I have mixed feelings about the finale to the Elgin vs Edwards series. On one hand, it was a good match with an interesting finish. On the other hand, it felt like a waste of time after Tessa decided to challenge both. We never got a conclusion to find out if Elgin or Edwards is the better wrestler. I also think Tessa’s solution made her look foolish and arrogant. In my mind, it doesn’t make sense to give yourself a harder path to retain the championship. She better hope her extreme confidence doesn’t bite her on the backside.

Let’s blitz through the results of the 3/17 episode of Impact Wrestling.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: The North retained against TJP & Fallah Bahh. The bout had controversy. TJP locked in the STF to Ethan Page, while Bahh had an octopus submission on Josh Alexander. Bahh and Alexander were not the legal men, so the referee tried to get them out of the ring. Alexander pulled the ref down, and the ref missed Page tapping out. For the finish, The North used their teamwork Northern Assault maneuver for Alexander to pin TJP for the win.

Lockdown will be Team Edwards vs Team Elgin. (Lockdown has since been postponed.) Eddie Edwards chose Tommy Dreamer, Daga, and Tessa Blanchard for his squad.

Real Housewives of Slam Town. Rosemary visited Taya and her friends to party. Rosemary was sucking souls at the club.

Impact had extra security to prevent cyber attacks from ICU.

Chris Bey defeated Damian Drake. Bey was silky smooth as “The Ultimate Finesser” and won with a Famouser in his Impact debut.

Lockdown will also have a women’s match captained by Jordynne Grace and Madison Rayne. Alisha Edwards approached Grace to be on her team. Grace gladly accepted.

Chase Stevens talked about his history in TNA. Moose took over the interview. He asked why all these TNA veterans are trying to come back. If they were so good, they would already be signed with Impact. Stevens mentioned his three tag team championships, while Moose has nothing. That led to a fight.

Gut Check. The final was Tyler Tirva against “Shogun” Jackson Stone. Shogun won the match. Scott D’Amore announced that Shogun was the winner.

Jimmy Jacobs interviewed Tessa Blanchard. She is a fighting champion. She silenced both Ace Austin and Taya. Tessa explained her decision for the three-way against Elgin and Edwards. She’s not scared to take on anybody. She is the best in Impact Wrestling. If she has to face them both to prove it, then she will.

Cancel Culture. Joey Ryan came out dressed like a fuddy-duddy. Katie Forbes wore a fur coat instead of being scantily clad. RVD was Ryan’s partner. They have extraordinary gifts. RVD is a game-changer, Katie has a remarkable derrière, and Joseph P. Ryan has a marvelous manhood. Since fans refuse to treat them with humanity, they have lost the privilege of their gifts.

RVD & Joey Ryan defeated the Deaners. RVD wouldn’t do his flashy moves. Ryan wouldn’t use the Dick Flip. Katie caused a distraction for Ryan to superkick Cody Deaner. RVD got the pin on a frog splash.

Ken Shamrock has a big announcement. The Impact office called him and said they had something special.

Ace Austin chatted with Willie Mack. Mack thanked Ace for his help, but he didn’t need it. Ace was impressed by Mack. Ace has lofty goals. One is to collect the tag team titles. Ace wanted Mack as a partner, but Mack was content to stick with Rich Swann. In fact, Mack will be part of an X-Division #1 contender scramble next week.

Kiera Hogan defeated Lacey Ryan. Back and forth contest. I wasn’t expecting much for this match, but it turned out to be pretty good. Hogan won with a swinging neckbreaker pin.

Su Yung had a letter from James Mitchell. He insisted Yung face Havok in the Undead Realm. Mitchell’s goal was to free Yung from Rosemary’s influence.

Michael Elgin’s Lockdown team was Taya and The North.

Daga defeated Jake Crist. Daga used a snap dragon suplex then a double underhook facebuster for victory.

Security thought they found the hacker. They grabbed some guy and roughed him up. Scott D’Amore was informed about the situation, but it turned out to be the wrong guy.

Ken Shamrock’s announcement. Impact will be inducting Shamrock into their Hall of Fame. ICU hacked into Shamrock’s video package. A masked man appeared in the ring and threw a fireball into Shamrock’s face. He revealed himself to be Sami Callihan. Callihan used his phone to turn the lights out and escape. Medical personnel attended to Shamrock.

It was later announced that Callihan will wrestle Shamrock at Rebellion on April 19.

Hot damn. I love a good fireball in professional wrestling. While it was fairly predictable that Sami Callihan was the hacker behind ICU, his flame to Ken Shamrock’s face added an unpredictable element to make the moment memorable. A feud with Shamrock should be entertaining as a hold-over until Callihan gets back into the title hunt. Shamrock had beef with oVe in the lead-up to Sami’s loss to Tessa at Hard to Kill, so this attack does make sense. My biggest question is what this means for oVe. Will Callihan look at them as a burden or bring them into his new gimmick?

When I first saw a picture of Joey Ryan in Cancel Culture, I thought it was going to be super lame. I was wrong. Ryan’s explanation of why he will hide his marvelous manhood was kind of amusing. This could end up being a good use of Ryan on screen. On the flip side, the Cancel Culture gimmick kind of drags down RVD.

Chris Bey looked good in his debut. It is clear why he is a top prospect. I was impressed at his smoothness. I look forward to seeing him in a longer match against a bigger name.

It is too bad Lockdown has been postponed. The two teams would have put on an interesting match. Impact isn’t holding back with their intergender action by having both Tessa Blanchard and Taya in the mix. I like seeing Michael Elgin put over The North and give them a boost onto the big stage.

What was your favorite moment from this episode of Impact Wrestling?

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