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Impact in Mexico City recap: New Knockouts champ, Tessa’s next feud, more!

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Impact finished airing their tapings from Mexico City. Let’s hit the big moments before Impact rolls on with the start of their Las Vegas tapings tonight. There is a new Knockouts champ, a new foe for Tessa Blanchard, a new team in the Mack and Pack Connection, and Su Yung is back.

Taya’s Knockouts reign is over

Taya reigned supreme over the Knockouts division for 377 days. Unfortunately, her time as champ came to an end at the hands of Jordynne Grace.

The story picked up with Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan wanting their title shots for helping Taya. Taya was too busy, so she proposed they wrestle each other to determine who gets the next shot. Grace inserted herself into the contest to make it a three-way. Grace ended up pinning Hogan to become #1 contender.

Last week’s episode of Impact featured Taya vs Grace as the main event. John E. Bravo constantly interfered on behalf of Taya. The beginning of the end started with Taya powerbombing Grace onto ring steps. Taya then hit the Road to Valhalla on the entrance stage. Grace barely beat the ten count to get back into the ring.

Grace powered up with a musclebuster then trapped Taya in a crossface submission. Bravo pulled Taya to the ropes for the break. Grace continued her momentum with a Vader Bomb and a Grace Driver. 1, 2, Bravo pulled the referee out of the ring.

Grace grabbed Bravo into the ring. Taya charged and accidentally speared Bravo. Grace climbed the corner. Bravo laid on top of Taya for protection. Grace took flight for a senton onto both bodies. Grace then set up the Grace Driver on Taya to win and become new Knockouts Champion.

Tessa Blanchard’s next feud

Tessa Blanchard opened the Mexico City shows by addressing the crowd. It felt good to be Impact Champion. When you think the journey is over, it is just beginning. She called out Sami Callihan for his rematch, so she could move on to new business. Knockouts champ (at that time) Taya answered the call. She listed off all her wins against Tessa. X-Division champ Ace Austin came out next. He beat Tessa in a ladder match when he won the title. Ace can end up on top again in the ring or back at the hotel. Fight!

That led to a series of matches involving Tessa and Ace. Ace & Taya defeated Tessa & Trey. Tessa defeated Adam Thornstowe of Reno Scum. Ace defeated Tommy Dreamer in a street fight. Tensions really boiled over for Tessa when sleazy Ace said he likes girls with daddy issues. She socked him up with punches.

Tessa Blanchard versus Ace Austin has been scheduled for Sacrifice on February 22. Neither the Impact Championship nor the X-Division Championship will be on the line.

Other notes:

  • Luchadores used were Maximo, Pagano, Murder Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, and Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • With Rich Swann injured, Johnny Swinger took it upon himself to form the Mack and Pack Connection with Willie Mack. Mack wasn’t interested, but Swinger kept his persistence. They are now feuding with the Desi Hit Squad.
  • Michael Elgin is up 2-0 in a best-of-5 series against Eddie Edwards for the Call Your Shot Trophy.
  • Su Yung is back. Rosemary used a noose to successfully trigger Susie’s memory. Su Yung transported James Mitchell back into the Undead Realm.
  • Other feuds include tag champs The North vs TJP & Fallah Bahh, Moose vs Rhino, RVD vs Joey Ryan, and Daga vs oVe.
  • There has also been sporadic hacker teases.

The line-up for tonight’s episode of Impact is:

  • Ace Austin & Reno Scum vs Tessa Blanchard, Trey Miguel, & Tommy Dreamer
  • Josh Alexander vs TJP
  • Michael Elgin vs Eddie Edwards in match 3 of the best-of-5
  • Dave Crist vs Rhino
  • Madison Rayne open challenge

Here are the results for each show in Mexico City.

Impact Jan. 21 quick results:

Impact Champion Tessa Blanchard started the show with a promo. She wanted Sami Callihan go get his rematch out of the way. Taya and Ace Austin came down instead. That led to insults and a fight. Trey Miguel ran out to even the odds. Tessa & Trey vs Taya & Ace will be the main event.

Sitdown with Willie Mack. When Rich Swann comes back for injury, they will go after the tag titles. Johnny Swinger walked up to interrupt. He offered to be Mack’s tag partner. He’ll get Mack a singlet and a fanny pack to become the Mack and Pack Connection. Mack declined.

Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan wanted to collect their title shot for helping Taya. Taya was too busy with Tessa. She proposed that they wrestle each other. Winner gets first shot. Loser gets second shot.

Taurus defeated Moose and Rhino in a three-way. In the end, Rhino gored Moose the Taurus headbutted Rhino. Taurus pinned Moose to win.

Jordynne Grace put herself in the #1 contender match with Kiera and Madison.

Tommy Dreamer tried to summon Joey Ryan to wrestler’s court in Spanish. Ryan wasn’t having it and left.

Joey Ryan defeated Maximo. An amusing bout between the penis man and the exotico. For the finish, Ryan finally got Maximo to touch his dong for the dick flip then Sweet Tooth Music to win.

RVD was embarrassed to call himself a wrestler after seeing that match. That’s what happens when they don’t steal RVD’s moves.

Michael Elgin claimed Eddie Edwards actually tapped out at Hard to Kill. Elgin is coming head on. Their feud is far from over.

Havok defeated Rosemary. James Mitchell and Susie were ringside. The finish involved green mist. Rosemary was on top of Havok in the corner. Mitchell hopped up on the apron, so Rosemary spit mist in his face. Havok used the distraction to hit a tombstone piledriver to win. Susie wandered off during the match. Mitchell didn’t notice until afterward then ran to look for her.

Shera had sent Raj away on a spiritual journey. Gama Singh was upset that it was done without his permission. Shera replied that he doesn’t need Gama’s permission.

In the Treehouse, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier took peyote. Pagano and Murder Clown sat down in the circle. That spooked the Rascalz away.

Eddie Edwards brushed off Elgin’s claims that he tapped out. Edwards decided to announce a cash in date of the Call Your Shot Trophy for April 19 in NYC. Elgin interrupted, and the two began shoving each other. They had to be separated by officials. It was later announced that they would compete in a best-of-5 series.

Millie Mack defeated Rohit Raju via stunner. Shera beat down Mack after the match. Johnny Swinger ran down to make the save, but the Desi Hit Squad rebounded quickly to lay out Mack and Swinger.

The North were giddy in explaining their mental games strategy to take down Rich Swann and Mack. The camera panned over to Hijo del Vikingo as the person they were talking to. Vikingo walked away, but Josh Alexander grabbed his shoulder. Vikingo shoved Alexander. He said in Spanish not to touch him. They’ll meet in the ring.

Taya & Ace Austin defeated Tessa Blanchard & Trey Miguel. The closing sequence began with Taya saving her partner by knocking Trey off the top turnbuckle. Tessa took out Taya with a suicide dive. Ace pinned Trey with the Fold to win.

Impact Jan. 28 quick results:

Hijo del Vikingo defeated Josh Alexander. Vikingo countered a double underhook suplex into a hurricanrana pin to win in an upset.

Taya was frustrated that Jordynne Grace butted into the Knockouts #1 contender match. Grace vs Madison Rayne vs Kiera Hogan will be the contest later in this show.

Moose isn’t the type of guy to make excuses, but the only reason he lost to Taurus is because of Rhino. When Moose is done with Taurus, Rhino is next. Or not.

Rascalz defeated Pagano & Murder Clown. For the finish, Zachary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier powered Murder with a double superplex. Wentz took flight with a Swanton followed by a flying 450 leg drop by Dez. Dez pinned Murder to win.

Michael Elgin declared he will win the best-of-5 series against Eddie Edwards, and he’ll only need 3 matches to do it.

Moose defeated Taurus via spear. Rhino gored Moose after the match.

Eddie Edwards said Elgin is all talk. When it’s over, Edwards will still have the Call Your Shot Trophy.

Joey Ryan doesn’t understand RVD’s reasoning for not liking him. He thinks the real reason is that Katie Forbes wants to touch his dong.

Jordynne Grace defeated Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan in a three-way Knockouts #1 contender match. Rayne and Hogan focused on double-teaming Grace, but Grace prevailed with a Grace Driver to pin Hogan.

Ace Austin has pinned Trey Miguel twice. That moves Trey to the back of the line. What’s next? Tessa Blanchard. He will knock her down back through the shattered glass ceiling.

Johnny Swinger wanted to become a cohesive unit with Willie Mack as the Mack and Pack Connection. Mack wasn’t interested, but Swinger couldn’t take a hint. Rich Swann is Mack’s only tag partner, not Swinger.

Fallah Bahh didn’t like his new colorful tights given to him by TJP.

Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated Reno Scum. Daga picked up the pin after a double underhook Codebreaker. oVe attacked Daga and Wagner after the match.

Suzie was wandering backstage. Rosemary tried to convince Suzie into becoming a warrior. Rosemary set up a friendly exhibition match next week. Rosemary hopes they’ll both find what they are looking for.

Match 1: Michael Elgin defeated Eddie Edwards. For the finish, Elgin kicked out of a tiger bomb. The two climbed the turnbuckles. Elgin got the upper hand for a super Death Valley Driver. Edwards kicked out. Elgin locked in a crossface submission. They rolled over. Elgin delivered about 20 consecutive elbow blows to knock Edwards out. Elgin did the crossface again. The referee called for the bell. Elgin is up 1-0 in the best-of-5 series.

Impact Feb. 4 quick results:

Tessa Blanchard hit the ring to address Ace Austin. He doesn’t have to play games. She may be hard to kill, but she is not hard to find. They have a match scheduled for Sacrifice on February 22, but Tessa can be impatient at times. She called out Ace. He came down flanked by Reno Scum. A match was made right then.

Tessa Blanchard defeated Adam Thornstowe via hammerlock DDT. Ace and Reno Scum beat her down after the match. Tommy Dreamer made the save with a kendo stick.

Taya wanted Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan to help her with Jordynne Grace. They declined.

Tommy Dreamer called out Ace Austin for a street fight.

Rhino vs Taurus ended in a no contest? Moose came down to interfere. He punched both men, so I’m not sure if either were awarded a DQ win. Rhino and Taurus rebounded to beat up Moose and finished with a Gore by Rhino.

The only thing Michael Elgin wants is to win the Impact Championship. He will be going through Eddie Edwards to do it.

Johnny Swinger approached the Desi Hit Squad. He wanted to issue a challenge on behalf of the Mack and Pack Connection. Shera stepped up. Swinger backed down and claimed Mack wanted a singles match against Shera.

Taya was venting her problems to Rosemary. Rosemary wasn’t paying attention. She was focused on attacking James Mitchell. Mitchell walked by and was locked in a closet by Rosemary. Havok came by to let out Mitchell, but Rosemary choked her out.

Rosemary vs Susie. Rosemary tried to get Susie to fight, but Susie hated violence. Rosemary slapped Susie with a glove. Susie put on the glove to unleash her fighting spirit. The two brawled to the back. The match was called off, but the fight raged on backstage. Susie experienced flashbacks as Su Yung. Rosemary used a noose on Susie. Whammo. Susie made the transition back to Su Yung. Scene cut for a commercial break. Mitchell found Rosemary and Havok knocked out in the stairwell. Rosemary laughed, while Mitchell fretted that they are all doomed.

TJP defeated Hijo del Vikingo. Exciting match. TJP won by countering a hurricanrana into an STF submission. After the match, the North put the boots to Vikingo. TJP tried to stop the attack, but he was clocked. Fallah Bahh, who had been ringside, stepped into the ring. The North backed down.

Katie Forbes talked to Joey Ryan about his comments last week. Ryan declined what he thought was an offer to touch his dong. Ryan was wrong. Katie’s plan was for RVD to beat up Ryan from behind. Success. Those two will have a match next show.

Daga & Dr. Wagner Jr. defeated oVe. Madman Fulton and Wagner’s son were ringside. Daga won via double underhook Codebreaker. Fulton beat up the luchadores to stand tall afterward.

Swinger found Mack in the back and informed him about the singles match with Shera. Mack didn’t want any help from Swinger.

Street Fight: Ace Austin defeated Tommy Dreamer. In the end, Dreamer drove Ace through a table. Ace kicked out of the pinfall. Ace got momentum with a backstabber. Dreamer regrouped to set up a ladder hung in the corner. He stepped on the ladder to get Ace, but Ace popped his magic wand to hit Dreamer. Ace then won via the Fold.

Impact Feb. 11 quick results:

Match 2: Michael Elgin defeated Eddie Edwards. Elgin pinned Edwards after a buckle bomb then an Elgin bomb. Elgin leads 2-0 in the best-of-5 series.

Taya is prepared for her title defense against Jordynne Grace. No one has believed in Taya, but she still won to become longest reigning Knockouts of all-time.

Madman Fulton defeated Daga. Daga hit a Death Valley Driver, then oVe came out. Daga took them down with a corkscrew tope. Daga went for a springboard maneuver, but Fulton countered into a suplex to win.

Moose was getting massaged. Rhino came in to put hands on Moose and beat him off.

Fallah Bahh defeated Ethan Page via roll-up after distractions from Josh Alexander and TJP.

James Mitchell and Havok found Susie. Susie had her noose and flashed back to Su Yung.

RVD defeated Joey Ryan. RVD countered the dick flip with a spinning heel kick. A 5 Star frog splash finished the match.

Backstage, Su Yung had a noose around Mitchell’s neck walking him down the hall. He was choked out and transported back to the Undead Realm.

Johnny Swinger was ready to back Mack. Swinger had Fuji dust, knucks, and a roll of quarters in his fanny pack. Mack wanted Swinger to stay in the back.

Willie Mack vs Shera was a no contest. The match didn’t last long until the Desi Hit Squad put the boots to Mack. Swinger ran down with a chair for the save. It was announced to turn into a tag team match.

Desi Hit Squad defeated the Mack and Pack Connection. Mack was in control when Swinger tagged himself in. Gama Singh distracted Mack. Swinger was double-teamed and pinned by Shera after a sitdown slam.

Tessa Blanchard is no stranger to mind games, but Ace Austin’s mind games are different. He is a scumbag. Ace came in. He likes girls with daddy issues. Blanchard started punching him.

Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace wins the belt from Taya after a Grace driver.

Do you like the direction of stories coming out of Mexico City? Which match was your favorite?