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Impact gets in its own shots at WWE

In one of the more clever bits of their so far quite clever collaboration, AEW “bought” airtime on the Dec. 8 Impact for a Dynamite commercial starring Tony Khan & Tony Schiavone.

To keep up the kayfabe of why Impact would sell to another wrestling company and allow them to run a commercial that threw some good-natured shade, Impact Co-Executive Vice-President Scott D’Amore retweeted the AEW ad. Along with the video, he hyped the quality of wrestling programming on Tuesday and Wednesday nights by outright insulting what the biggest company in the business puts out on Mondays.

D’Amore also put over AEW and Impact as a shared universe, which points to this being more than just the two or three night crossover one report painted it as. He also interacted with some of the fans checking out Impact because of AEW World champion Kenny Omega’s appearance, encouraging them to come back next Tuesday.

We’ll see how many of the new and returning viewers Impact can keep hooked.

Until then, welcome back to the war, Impact.

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