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An Impact Wrestling primer for AEW viewers tuning in to see Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega shocked the world by cheating to win the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley. Omega shocked the world again when buddy Don Callis declared we would get answers Tuesday night on Impact Wrestling.

That night is here, and many viewers are still in shock that AEW pulled the master trick of making them have to tune in to Impact tonight. Several of those viewers will be first-time watchers of Impact, or haven’t watched in a very long time. Don’t worry. Cageside Seats has you covered with an Impact primer to jump right in.

First things first. Impact Wrestling airs at 8 pm ET on AXS TV and Impact’s Twitch channel. The episodes have been pre-taped at a closed venue with no fans.

Next up is a roll call of champions.

  • Impact World Champion: Rich Swann
  • Impact Knockouts Champion: Deonna Purrazzo
  • Impact World Tag Team Champions: The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)
  • Impact X-Division Championship: Rohit Raju

Rich Swann’s next title defense will be against Chris Bey on Saturday night’s (Dec. 12) Impact special event, Final Resolution. That show will air on the Impact Plus app. Bey lost clean to Willie Mack in last week’s main event. Bey attacked Swann afterward, and that was apparently all it took to earn a world title fight. Go figure. Perhaps that will be explored tonight.

Swann also has Moose looming large in what will likely be the main event of the Hard to Kill PPV on January 16, 2021. Moose considers himself the top champ. He picked up the TNA Heavyweight Championship and defended it on numerous occasions all as a self-crowned champ.

Deonna Purrazzo is currently feuding with Su Yung and Susie. Su and Susie are supposed to be the same person with a split personality. Su is a crazy undead bride, while Susie is wholesome and innocent. Su was last seen being kidnapped by a group of undead bridesmaids led by Father James Mitchell. Purrazzo made a deal with Mitchell to take care of Su, but the price of that deed has yet to be named by Mitchell.

The Good Brothers won the tag titles off The North at Turning Point. That feud has resumed with The North trying to earn a rematch. Ethan Page lost that opportunity by losing to AJ Swoggle, but he has a chance to redeem himself with a match against Anderson at Final Resolution. Also, Luke Gallows was ‘injured’ at the hands of Page, so the big LG may not be on camera tonight.

Rohit Raju is a weaselly X-Division champ. He created a series of open challenges in which he always finds a sneaky way out. Rohit’s primary foe has been TJP. TJP lost to Rohit and will receive no more title shots, so teases have been put out that he will eventually appear under a mask. TJP used to play the role of masked Manik.

In other stories, Eric Young and Joe Doering have been beating up wrestlers then delivering messages about taking over the world, Ken Shamrock is suspended for being violent and punching Impact official D’Lo Brown, Sami Callihan bloodied Eddie Edwards with a bat, the Motor City Machine Guns are on a quest to regain tag gold, and Larry D shot John E. Bravo in the chest. That last one actually happened as part of Impact’s corny sense of humor.

One of the stronger sides of Impact is their attention to the women’s division. There are often multiple stories and scenes on each show for the ladies. In addition to the world title, Purrazzo is also aiming to win the Knockouts tag titles in a tournament. She will be teaming up with Kimber Lee to wrestle Taya & Rosemary in a first round bout.

As for where Kenny Omega fits in all this, he has been long-time friends with Don Callis. Callis is the Executive Vice President of Impact. He was also on commentary duties prior to being replaced by Madison Rayne. Since Rayne took over, Callis has been primarily off camera for the last few months. It appears that there have been zero hints of an AEW partnership during the Impact broadcasts, so this should be a fresh story.

There could be a tie-in to Eric Young’s current story, but I believe that is highly doubtful. Young has been spouting crazy ramblings ever since he returned. His latest babble leaves room for a larger scheme involving Omega, although, that’s probably not the case.

Omega has a connection to Anderson and Gallows through the Bullet Club organization. Perhaps that could be the opening leading to the money match of the Good Brothers versus the Young Bucks.

One outside scenario that crossed my mind is Callis forming a faction with Omega and Trey Miguel. Trey is currently a free agent after finishing up his time with Impact. On the surface, he parted on good terms, but I’m sure Callis could cook up some mumbo jumbo heel motivation for Trey to debut in AEW.

That should get you up to speed for tonight’s Impact line-up, so you don’t feel lost while waiting for the big moment with Omega.

What do you think will be the master plan reveal from Callis and Omega? What would Impact have to do tonight to earn your viewership for next week?

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