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Impact recap & reactions: Taya & Rosemary eliminated from Knockouts tag title tournament

Impact Wrestling (Dec. 15, 2020) featured Kenny Omega picking a fight, Ethan Page as The Karate Man, Eric Young explaining his demented plans to save the world, and the Knockouts tag title tournament continuing with semifinals action.

The most important moment from last night was Kenny Omega reuniting the Bullet Club for a trios bout on the Hard to Kill PPV on January 16. AEW also continued their presence on Impact with another commercial from Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone. Those have already been covered, so let’s proceed to other events on the evening.

The most important match from last night was Taya & Rosemary meeting Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz in the semifinals of the Knockouts tag title tournament. Rosemary and Taya powerhoused through their smaller opponents early. Hogan and Steelz turned the tide with quick tags and speed to cut the ring off on Rosemary. They worked over the demon assassin until Rosemary exploded for a spear.

The hot tag to Taya cleaned house. She ripped into Kiera with a spear then a Blue Thunder Bomb. Steelz was able to break up the pin.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee decided to make their presence felt by yanking Rosemary off the apron. Purrazzo planted Rosemary with a flatliner on the entrance ramp. Hogan took advantage of the distraction to blast Taya with a superkick then a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker for victory.

Hogan & Steelz advance to the tournament final. They await the winner of Havok & Nevaeh versus Jordynne Grace & Jazz.

Let’s roll through the rest of the Impact Wrestling episode. Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne were on commentary.

Tenille Dashwood defeated Alisha Edwards. Kaleb Konley and Eddie Edwards were ringside. Kaleb pulled Tenille out of the ring when she was in serious trouble. Eddie butt in, so Kaleb punched him. Alisha took down Kaleb on a flying crossbody. As Alisha was getting back in the ring, Tenille pounced for a single-leg dropkick to win.

ICU. Sami Callihan did his hacker gimmick while Eddie was still in the ring. Callihan popped up on the big screen to challenge Edwards to one final match to finish their feud. Callihan has his eyes on the first Impact episode of the new year.

The Motor City Machine Guns are on step three of their three step process to regain tag team gold. XXXL and The North are down. Now, it is time for the Good Brothers. Chris Sabin plans to give Karl Anderson a preview by beating him in the main event.

Anderson, Don Callis, and Kenny Omega were watching from their bus. Omega and Callis worked up Anderson to take care of Sabin for the disrespect.

Rich Swan was in Anderson’s way. Swann jibber-jabbered while the MCMG flanked his side. Anderson backed away to wait for the main event match.

I Quit challenge. Moose was in the ring boasting about injuring Willie Mack. Moose did that damage without even being angry. He turned his attention to Swann and the Impact World Championship. Mack came out to challenge Moose to an I Quit match at Genesis on January 9. Mack wants to take matters into his own hands instead of the outcome being determined by a referee. A brawl broke out. Moose dropped Mack then smashed security for putting hands on him.

Backstage, Moose explained that he is tired of independent wrestlers looking for an opportunity to make a name by touching him. He understands them getting work as security. But if they put hands on him again, they will get hurt.

Chris Bey rubbed Rohit Raju’s X-Division title loss in his face. Rohit will get his rematch against Manik at Hard to Kill. Bey finessed Rohit by proposing Rohit unmask Manik to reveal TJP. That would mean Impact has to return the title to Rohit, since TJP was not allowed another title shot. Bey invited Rohit to be ringside for his match against Manik.

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone returned for another AEW commercial. Khan focused on sassing Don Callis, while Schiavone roasted Impact with jokes.

Baptism, part 1. Eric Young spoke about experiencing great loss. He recently lost his mother to disease. That can teach a lot about life and death. He learned that sickness has to be removed and destroyed. That is his true purpose in Impact. Cody Deaner was on the other side of the table. Young will baptize him in the waters of change.

Chris Bey defeated Manik. Bey blasted Manik with a mule kick to the nuggets. Rohit went into the ring trying to unmask Manik. Bey wanted Rohit to exit the ring. Rohit lost his cool and clobbered Bey. The referee ruled a DQ win on behalf of Bey. The idea is that Bey is now in X-Division Championship contention after beating Manik, even though it was through a technicality.

Ethan Page tried to convince Josh Alexander that he has a plan to get a tag title shot. Alexander didn’t want to tag with Page until Page’s mind is right again. Page told him not to worry, since ‘we’ have your back. Page exited, and Brian Myers entered. He tried to poach Alexander to unite as a tag team. Alexander would rather kick Myers’ ass.

Anderson, Callis, and Omega were angered about Swann getting in the way. Anderson left to prepare for his match against Sabin. Omega was still pissed. He hinted at doing something about Swann.

Baptism, part 2. Happy stories are lies. The deeper truth about professional wrestling is that it has a disease. Much like a sickness, the business only takes. Young made a convincing case to Deaner, while Joe Doering lurked in the shadows of a jail cell.

Hogan and Steelz celebrated their victory. Hogan wanted to see the stolen money roll, but Steelz couldn’t find it. Johnny Swinger entered looking for action. The ladies were grossed out and stole his beer. Swinger switched fanny packs with the one in Steelz suitcase. He opened a hidden pocket to find the cash.

Brian Myers defeated Josh Alexander. Myers had momentum, so Ethan Page ran out to support his partner. Myers shoved Page into the ring post. Myers was setting up his clothesline finisher when Page emerged as The Karate Man. Page blitzed Myers with sweet kicks. That resulted in a DQ loss for Alexander. Josh was upset about the loss and left The Karate Man solo in the ring.

Baptism, part 3. Deaner had the sickness until Young doused him in the holy water of change. Deaner is now free.

Acey Romero believes Larry D was set up. Tommy Dreamer told him to prove Larry’s innocence. Rhino and Cousin Jake were lamenting the actions of Young and Doering. Dreamer instructed them to do something about it before it gets worse.

Karl Anderson defeated Chris Sabin. Alex Shelley was ringside. Anderson controlled the flow for much of the contest. Sabin found his window for speedy attacks after the two collided heads when running the ropes. Sabin almost earned victory on a tornado DDT. Fisticuffs were exchanged. Anderson came out on top with a spinebuster. Sabin countered a Stun Gun stunner into a backslide. Anderson kicked out. He then tricked Sabin for a schoolboy with a handful of tights for the win.

Bullet Club. Swann stuck his nose in Anderson’s business, so Anderson punched him. MCMG jumped Anderson. Luke Gallows returned to bash MCMG. Swann kicked LG in the face. Omega came from the side to smash Swann with a wet floor sign. Omega declared his desire to reunite the Bullet Club for a trios match against Swann & MCMG at the Hard to Kill PPV on January 16.

That was a wild episode of Impact Wrestling. The Omega story was great, but the rest of the show also came strong. All the matches were competitive and interesting. Eric Young’s baptism of Cody Deaner and the appearance of The Karate Man have me especially intrigued.

Young’s logic makes sense from his demented point of view. His speech will require multiple viewings from me to truly absorb the message. For now, I still don’t understand what his endgame is, but I’m on board for the journey to find out. Ethan Page struck gold with his alter ego of The Karate Man. It is classic action hero. I’m very curious to see if Page can make the gimmick work in serious matches.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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