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Su Yung kidnapped by gang of undead bridesmaids on Impact

If you’ve been yearning for a gang of undead bridesmaids to appear in your preferred wrestling product, then Impact is the place for you. Father James Mitchell led a group of decaying women to kidnap Su Yung on Impact Wrestling (Dec. 1, 2020).

Su Yung has been in the craw of Deonna Purrazzo ever since the Knockouts champ broke Susie’s arm with malice. That evil act brought back the undead bride in Su Yung as a replacement for Kylie Rae to win the women’s title at Bound for Glory. Purrazzo managed to regain the gold at Turning Point, but Su still has her eye and smelly mandible claw glove set on the Virtuosa.

Last week, Impact made good use of the no-fans era with editing tricks to make Su and Susie appear to be two different people. That caused Purrazzo and Kimber Lee to approach the resurrected Father James Mitchell looking for a solution. They wanted him to make their Su problem into just a Susie problem, since the docile Susie is much easier to handle.

Purrazzo and Lee revisited Mitchell on this episode to see if any progress had been made. Mitchell needed time since Su isn’t easy to find. Purrazzo hatched a plan to speed things along.

Purrazzo went out to the ring to goad Su into her title rematch. The ruse worked as intended. Su entered the scene. Mitchell then brought out his gang of undead brides to surround the ring. Su pummeled Purrazzo and Lee, but Purrazzo was one step ahead. She prevented Su’s red mist with a throat choke. Su gagged on the poison liquid and was put down with a Gotch piledriver from Purrazzo. Mitchell and his creepy ghouls kidnapped Su.

This deal with Mitchell will no doubt have unintended consequences for Purrazzo. He is a sinister scumbag after all.

Does this sort of sorcery appeal to your wrestling tastes? Do you want to see Impact return to the world of the Undead Realm?

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