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Impact recap & reactions: Suspect list stands at 10 for who shot John E. Bravo

Impact Wrestling (Nov. 3, 2020) featured Deonna Purrazzo’s Knockouts Championship rematch against Su Yung and Heath’s official contract signing being delayed, but what we really want to know is who shot John E. Bravo.

In an update to last week’s insane wrestle wedding where Bravo was shot in the chest, Impact opened the show with Scott D’Amore relaying news that Bravo was put into an induced coma. He is currently in critical but stable condition. Tommy Dreamer took it upon himself to don Sherlock Holmes gear to launch an investigation.

Dreamer began his questioning by putting senior referee Brandon Tolle on the hot seat. He also wanted to speak with Johnny Swinger and Cody Deaner, but they had a match.

Dreamer’s investigation whittled the suspect list down to ten.

  • Johnny Swinger
  • Havok
  • Cody Deaner
  • Fallah Bahh
  • Brandon Tolle
  • Hernandez
  • Larry D
  • Father James Mitchell
  • Rosemary
  • Taya

By process of elimination for not having a big enough name to be the big reveal, I’m narrowing it down to Havok, Hernandez, Rosemary, Taya, and Mitchell. Havok is a little on the fringe. Hernandez seemed too cool to care. Taya can be a banshee at times but not so crazy to commit murder. Rosemary and Mitchell are my final two. Mitchell denied it, but he’s a liar that can never be trusted. Rosemary had earlier wanted to sacrifice Bravo’s virgin blood for some reason. This will be a tough case to crack for detective Dreamer.

Who do you think shot John E. Bravo? It better not be something stupid like he shot himself.

Let’s roll through the rest of the Impact Wrestling episode.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne handled commentary duties.

Knockouts Championship: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Su Yung via DQ. (Full details here.) That means the title did not change hands. Su had the mandible claw down Purrazzo’s throat, so Kimber Lee slid in a chair. Su stopped Purrazzo from cheating then decided to hit Purrazzo with the chair right in front of the referee.

Heath’s contract signing. (Full details here.) Scott D’Amore was reluctant to hand over the paperwork due to Heath’s injury. D’Amore stated that Heath’s contract will be waiting when he can return healthy.

Knockouts no DQ. Barrister Artie Evans entered D’Amore’s office with the request of a rematch for Purrazzo against Su. D’Amore obliged with no DQ at the Turning Point special event on Saturday, November 14.

Eddie Edwards and Rich Swann sang a tune as old friends. Swann was pumped about teaming with Edwards to wrestle Eric Young and Sami Callihan.

Chris Bey defeated Trey Miguel. This was a slick, fast-paced, high-impact contest. Bey snatched victory with a well-timed flying cutter.

Locker Room Talk. Madison Rayne hosted Jordynne Grace and Tenille Dashwood. Rayne tried to suggest that Grace and Dashwood team up for the women’s tag team championship tournament. Grace reluctantly realized that she has no better options, and that Dashwood does whatever it takes to win. So, Grace wondered aloud that the team to beat could be in the room. Dashwood agreed and then asked Rayne to be her partner. Rayne accepted the offer.

Defeat Rohit Challenge. Rohit Raju ran his mouth about still being X-Division Champion. “God created all men equal and then he made me the sequel.” Rohit brought back the open challenge. It was answered by TJP, who rained on Rohit’s parade. Rohit verbally pushed TJP aside, since he already had his opportunity. At being called pathetic, TJP threw hot tea in Rohit’s face. A skirmish ensued with TJP tossing Rohit out of the ring.

Chris Sabin has noticed the Impact tag team strategy of divide and conquer against the Motor City Machine Guns. With Alex Shelley out, Sabin challenged Acey Romero or Larry D to one-on-one competition.

Rohit and TJP approached D’Amore backstage with complaints. TJP wanted one more shot at X-Division gold, so D’Amore gave it to him. If Rohit wins without tricks, then TJP won’t get another shot as long as Rohit is champ.

Luke Gallows defeated Ethan Page. Karl Anderson and Josh Alexander were ringside. It was a bruising contest. Alexander grabbed Gallows’ foot in the corner. When Anderson came over to intervene, Alexander rammed him into the ring post. During the extracurricular activity, Gallows booted Page in the face to win. More fighting between the teams took place after the bell.

Swoggle promoted his book, Life Is Short and So Am I. Impact is home like an island for misfit toys. He is going to shed his image as a joke an be viewed as a professional wrestler. Brian Myers took exception since he is the most professional wrestler. Swoggle wasn’t pleased with Myers’ new attitude, so Myers pushed him to the ground.

Johnny Swinger defeated Cody Deaner. Swinger brought in a chair. Cousin Jake took it away. As the referee was distracted with Jake and the chair, Swinger clocked Cody with his gimmicked fanny pack.

Moose was not pleased that he hasn’t been taken seriously as the TNA Heavyweight Champion. He earned that belt by beating EC3 and controlling his narrative. Moose views his title as the top and Rich Swann as the number two champ in Impact. Swann has been warned. Willie Mack attacked as payback from last week. Moose got the upper hand and choked Mack with camera cable.

Bey approached Swann about getting a title shot. Swann would not be finessed and told Bey to earn it.

Sami Callihan & Eric Young defeated Rich Swann & Eddie Edwards. The main event was a competitive affair. The best spot was both good guys countering out of piledrivers to hook in leglocks at the same time. In the end, Edwards hit a backpack stunner to Callihan then sat down deep on a single-leg crab. Swann was holding back Young from breaking the hold. Ken Shamrock ran down to beat up Swann. That led to Callihan connecting on a piledriver to pin Edwards.

This episode of Impact Wrestling was an amusing show with chuckles and good fights. All the serious matches were given time to find their groove. I’d give the nod of best match to Bey vs Trey, although, the main event was rocking as well. Backstage scenes did well to progress the action toward Turning Point.

One thing I don’t understand is everyone chiding Rohit for stealing the pin at Bound for Glory. That was a perfectly acceptable and legal strategy for a six-way match. If anything, Rohit deserves credit for being an opportunist. I’m siding with Rohit in the feud against TJP.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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