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Deonna Purrazzo wins title rematch but Knockouts belt remains with Su Yung

Deonna Purrazzo received her Knockouts Championship rematch against Su Yung on Impact Wrestling (Nov. 3, 2020), but it didn’t quite work out as planned.

Su won the women’s title from Purrazzo as a surprise opponent at Bound for Glory. Purrazzo brought in barrister Artie Evans last week with threats to sue Impact. To avoid money spent on litigation, a title rematch was agreed to for tonight.

Purrazzo was accompanied by Kimber Lee. Su was accompanied by a smelly glove. Purrazzo struck first with a pump kick then fisticuffs. Su quickly regrouped to pick Purrazzo up for a Panic Switch finisher, however, Purrazzo countered into an armbar. Su rolled free.

Su went on the attack to throw Purrazzo around the ring. Purrazzo was able to block the mandible claw then focused on tenderizing Su’s arm. A double clothesline knocked both women woozily down to the mat.

Su escaped a piledriver to stick her disgusting hand down Purrazzo’s throat. Things looked bleak for Purrazzo, so Kimber Lee slid a chair into the ring. Su stomped on the metal seat preventing Purrazzo from picking it up. When both women had hands on the chair, Su rammed it into Purrazzo’s midsection in plain view of the referee. That resulted in a disqualification and victory for Purrazzo, however, the Knockouts belt did not change hands and remained with Su.

After the match, Su hit Lee with the chair then kicked it into Purrazzo’s face.

Purrazzo won the battle on paper, but the war is far from over. Her barrister confronted EVP Scott D’Amore about the result and demanded another rematch for his client. D’Amore agreed and made an Anything Goes rematch for Turning Point on Saturday, November 14.

The Turning Point special event will air on the Impact Plus app.

When Purrazzo versus Su opened the show, I had a feeling something was up, since Impact isn’t scared about giving the Knockouts a main event slot on TV when the match is worth it. Thankfully, the action was good enough to leave viewers wanting more and not just a complete throwaway to set up round three at Turning Point. Purrazzo still hasn’t solved the puzzle of the Undead Bride, so perhaps she can strategize to take full advantage of the no DQ stipulation.

In other Knockouts news, Madison Rayne will be returning to the ring. She accepted Tenille Dashwood’s offer to team up for the women’s tag championship tournament. They will be in the ring next week for a warm-up against Havok and Nevaeh. Rayne has been primarily focused on commentary duties so far this year.

Do you think Deonna Purrazzo will regain her championship at Turning Point?

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