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Impact recap & reactions: Former WWE Women’s champ revealed as mystery Knockouts partner

Jordynne Grace’s Twitter

Big stories emerging from Impact Wrestling (Nov. 24, 2020) were Swoggle substituting for AJ Styles, Lawrence D confessing to shooting John E. Bravo, and Rich Swann retaining the Impact World Championship against Ken Shamrock.

Another story worthy of attention was the reveal of Jordynne Grace’s mystery partner for the Knockouts tag title tournament. Grace was entered into the mix with a teammate to be determined. She called in a favor to a former champ who was on the road toward retirement. We finally learned the identity of the mystery partner to be Jazz.

Jazz decided to postpone retirement for the opportunity to go out on top as Knockouts tag champ. She is a two-time WWE women’s champ and held the NWA women’s title for 948 days. In my book, Jazz and Grace are now the team to beat. Their power advantage should be enough to overcome any chemistry issues as they learn to work together.

Grace & Jazz will be in action next week against Renee Michelle & Killer Kelly.

As for other tournament action, Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz defeated the Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Demi Exo). In the end, Steelz pulled Exo off the apron then hit Vox with a running bulldog. Steelz kept the pace quick by rolling Exo into the ring, so Hogan could finish her with a swinging fisherman’s neckbreaker.

Hogan & Steelz advance to the semifinals.

Let’s roll through the rest of the Impact Wrestling episode. Josh Mathews and Matt Striker were on commentary. Madison Rayne was busy with Wrestler’s Court, so Striker filled in.

Scott D’Amore visited John E. Bravo at the hospital. Bravo was still in a coma. If Bravo pulls through, he might not be the same.

Ethan Page informed Josh Alexander of good news. Luke Gallows will be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks. Alexander wasn’t happy, since that means The North can’t get their tag title rematch with the Good Brothers until Gallows returns.

Johnny Swinger in Wrestler’s Court, part 1. (Full details here.) Madison Rayne was Swinger’s defense. Tommy Dreamer was the accuser. D’Lo Brown was the judge. Comedy ensued with witnesses painting a strong case against Swinger, especially since the gun was found in his fanny pack.

Defeat Rohit Challenge. Suicide answered the call. Rohit had a feeling that TJP was under the mask, so he made it non-title. Rohit was in control for the majority of the contest and finally removed Suicide’s mask. That’s when TJP came out on the entrance ramp. Suicide rolled up Rohit to win and showed his face to be Crazzy Steve.

Sami Callihan pumped up Ken Shamrock for his main event title fight against Rich Swann. Moose interrupted to remind them that the Impact World Championship is the number two belt. His TNA Heavyweight Championship is the top prize. Moose planned on being the man to put Swann down, but Shamrock beat him to it. Moose rubbed him his singles victory over Shamrock in the case that Shamrock defeats Swann.

Tenille Dashwood was doing fashion with Kaleb Konley when Alisha Edwards approached. Edwards wanted to tag again, but Dashwood wasn’t interested after they lost in the Knockouts tournament. Alisha still wanted to work it out. She convinced them with the saying about trying again if you don’t succeed.

Kimber Lee defeated Killer Kelly. Deonna Purrazzo and Renee Michelle were ringside for support. Lee prevailed in the end with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then a Swanton.

Susie Yung. After the match, Susie surprisingly came out to apologize for what her friend, Su Yung, will do to Purrazzo. Smoke, lights, and camera tricks allowed Su to appear while Susie was off to the side. Su attacked, but Purrazzo and Lee fled the scene. As Su left, Susie turned around to show them being two different people.

Alex Shelley is back healthy. The Motor City Machine Guns have a three step plan. Revenge on XXXL, payback against The North, and then winning the tag titles from the Good Brothers.

Rich Swann and Willie Mack were chatting when Chris Bey interrupted. He tried to convince Swann that he would be a newsworthy challenger for the world title. Swann and Mack were annoyed and ready to smack up Bey.

Swoggle defeated Ethan Page. (Full details here.) If Page won against an opponent of Karl Anderson’s choosing, then The North would earn a title rematch. Anderson’s phenomenal choice teased AJ Styles only for Swoggle to answer the call. Swoggle won with a roll-up after an outside skirmish distracted Page.

Lawrence D revealed as the shooter in Wrestler’s Court, part 2. (Full details here.) Swinger maintained his innocence. The trail led from James Mitchell to virgin blood to Rosemary. She admitted that she never loved Bravo. Rosemary only wanted his virgin blood for power. Bravo appeared to clear Rosemary of the crime. He didn’t see who did it, but he could smell the culprit. That inspired Dreamer to transform Larry D into Lawrence D. He admitted to shooting Bravo after Bravo stole Rosemary from him at Wrestle House.

Joe Doering destruction. The match between Fallah Bahh and Daivari was cut short when Eric Young led Doering to the ring to beat them up. Young claimed his purpose is clear and he will be opening eyes to the truth. The world is sick, and they are the cure. Rhino ran out for payback after last week’s scuffle. Young and Doering quickly handled the man-beast.

TJP thanked Crazzy Steve for playing along with the Suicide outfit. It ended up earning Steve an X-Division title shot. Swoggle was also there in his Styles’ disguise. Brian Myers came in to insult all of them.

Purrazzo asked Mitchell if he could make her Su Yung problem into just a Susie problem. Mitchell would do it for a price. When inquiring details about price, he avoided an answer. Just know that he can help.

Impact World Championship: Rich Swann retained against Ken Shamrock. (Full details here.) Sami Callihan was ejected early. Shamrock slowed the pace to ground Swann’s quickness. Swann rallied back, but Shamrock caught him in a rear naked choke. Swann was able to lean back on top of Shamrock’s shoulders for the three count.

After the match, Shamrock punched the referee in the gut. Callihan and Shamrock beat up Swann then Eddie Edwards. Callihan bloodied Edwards with a bat. Shamrock punched D’Lo Brown, who was trying to break it up. Chaos closed the show.

This turned out to be a very important episode of Impact Wrestling. A world title fight, one lengthy story wrapping up or at least moving to a new chapter, mystery reveals, an X-Division title opportunity earned, and Knockouts tag tournament action. That doesn’t even include the whole weirdness with Susie and Su Yung at the same time, MCMG having direction, and another round of Callihan versus Edwards. That last one is actually the least appealing for me. They’ve been feuding for so long that there needs to be a bombshell for me to get invested. Heck, I’d rather see that long ago tease of D’Lo Brown bringing in Aces & Eights, so they can deal with Shamrock and Callihan.

The road to Hard To Kill on January 16, 2021 should be interesting. It seems like Swann versus Moose will headline. The Knockouts tournament final will be on the card as well. Aside from that, it is open season.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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