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TNA founder Bob Ryder has died

Bob Ryder, who along with Jeff & Jerry Jarrett started TNA Wrestling in 2002, has died.

Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer reports that police found Ryder in his Nashville home today (Weds., Nov. 25). He’d been diagnosed with cancer in 2012, and though he remained involved with Impact as their travel coordinator, hadn’t travelled himself for many years due to treatment for the disease. He reported to friends & colleagues yesterday that he suffered a fall at home, but indicated he was fine. When calls and texts ceased, the company sent someone to check on him, and when no one answered the door, the authorities were called.

Ryder was prominent in the early days of wrestling coverage and discussion online, editing in the 90s. He worked for WCW, and after that company was sold and neither was hired on by WWE, came up with the idea for TNA’s weekly PPV model with Jeff Jarrett. He remained with TNA/Impact after Dixie Carter bought the promotion, working in various roles and frequently interacting online with fans and critics of Impact.

On behalf of the entire Cageside Seats community, our condolences to Bob Ryder’s friends and family.

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