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John E. Bravo’s mystery shooter case is solved with a wacky reveal

The case of who shot John E. Bravo at his wedding with Rosemary has been solved. The mystery shooter was revealed tonight on Impact Wrestling (Nov. 24, 2020). All it took was Wrestler’s Court from Tommy Dreamer and the boys to suss out the perpetrator.

Last week, detective Dreamer found a gun in Johnny Swinger’s fanny pack. Accusations flew and Dreamer called for Wrestler’s Court.

The show opened with Scott D’Amore visiting Bravo, who was still in a coma at the hospital. Good news was that Bravo was in stable condition.

Swinger entered wearing a neck brace to draw sympathy. He had Madison Rayne by his side as defense. D’Lo Brown presided over the hearing. Dreamer painted Swinger as a perfect suspect with means, motive, opportunity, and the smoking gun. Rayne countered that only a criminal mastermind could have plot the attack. That should automatically exonerate Swinger, since he is obviously not a mastermind.

Dreamer put a few witnesses on the stand. It wasn’t until Father James Mitchell was questioned that new leads were discovered. He stated that Bravo’s virgin blood was highly prized for esoteric magical properties. That led the trail to Rosemary. She admitted that she never loved Bravo. Heel turn! His virgin blood would have made her the most powerful person in the Undead Realm.

Enter Bravo himself! Bravo awoke from his coma and managed to make it to Wrestler’s Court. He was angry at Rosemary but cleared her of the crime. Bravo didn’t see who shot him, however, he could smell the evil-doer.

Dreamer had an idea. He called Larry D to the stand. Larry passed a lie detector test, so Dreamer sprayed him with Rosemary’s magic potion from Wrestle House to transform Larry into suave Lawrence D. Lawrence admitted to the dastardly deed. His motive was Bravo stealing Rosemary from him. D’Lo cleared Swinger of any wrongdoing.

If this makes little sense to you, don’t worry. You’re probably not alone. The saga was mostly comedic scenes to fill time as part of pandemic programming. If you’ve followed the journey along the entire time, then it actually connects together pretty well.

Larry D will likely face no repercussions. He already has a tag match for next week with Acey Romero against the Motor City Machine Guns. As for the newlyweds, the drama should continue for Bravo and Rosemary with Taya in a triangle as employer of Bravo and tag partner of Rosemary. It is also safe to assume Bravo still has virgin blood.

Did you like the reveal of Lawrence D as the culprit? What do you think the fallout will entail for Bravo, Rosemary, and Taya?

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