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Impact teased an appearance from AJ Styles, delivered Swoggle instead

Impact tried to get cute tonight on Impact Wrestling (Nov. 24, 2020) by promoting an appearance from, “a phenomenal opponent.” Being that Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows were behind the idea, the obvious reference was toward AJ Styles. That was clearly not going to happen, so Impact pulled a switcheroo for Swoggle to appear instead. Hit me with some of that sad trombone fail sound effect.

It all began last week when Ethan Page said he would wrestle anyone in order to secure a tag title rematch against the Good Brothers. Cue Anderson and Gallows with the phenomenal tease.

When it was time for the match, Anderson went forth to introduce his phenomenal choice. Impact even played AJ Styles’ big screen graphic and theme music, while Josh Mathews sold his shock on commentary. Then Swoggle came out dressed as Styles with the persona of “The Weenomenal One” Say Jay Swoggle.

Surprisingly enough, or embarrassingly enough depending on whose side you are on, Swoggle picked up the victory in a massive upset. Page started out by trucking over Swoggle. He hit a standing elbow drop then picked up Swoggle on the two count of a pinfall. Page aimed to dish out more pain, but Swoggle roared back with low kicks. Josh Alexander grabbed Swoggle’s foot to stifle the momentum. Anderson ran over to clobber Alexander. In the commotion, Swoggle rolled up Page for the 1, 2, 3.

Impact pulled out a page of their carny classic wrestling book on this stunt. I don’t think one person genuinely believed Styles was going to show, but it did create a mild curiosity on how the Good Brothers planned to proceed. Having Swoggle as the surprise was amusing but also underwhelming. It might have earned a pop from me if it had been more than two weeks since we last saw Swoggle at an Impact show. He just wrestled Brian Myers at Turning Point earlier this month. Personally, I was hoping for Sex Ferguson.

Credit to Swoggle though for making the rounds in unexpected appearances. In addition to being, “The Weenomenal One,” he also had a cameo in AEW’s Inner Circle Las Vegas vacation.

Did you pop for Swoggle coming out as AJ Styles? Who would you have rather seen as a realistic option? Where would you like to see Swoggle show up next?

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