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Ken Shamrock fails to win Impact world title in controversial finish

The World’s Most Dangerous Man was seconds away from winning the Impact World Championship at the age of 56. Ken Shamrock battled Rich Swann in the main event of Impact Wrestling (Nov. 24, 2020). The finish came down to the wire with a splash of controversy.

Early on, Swann used his speed to avoid Shamrock’s attacks. Sami Callihan was ringside in support of Shamrock and hooked Swann’s leg. That action saw Callihan ejected from ringside. Swann used the distraction to unload a variety of dropkicks to Shamrock. The World’s Most Dangerous Man turned it around by catching a flying crossbody to repeatedly smash Swann’s head into the turnbuckle.

Shamrock used a methodical strategy to pound Swann with knees to the head, kicks to the chest, and grind him on the mat. Swann came back with a flurry of spinning kicks and Rolling Thunder. Swann attempted a sunset flip pin, but Shamrock snatched an arm for an armbar. Swann slipped away and hit a frog splash. Swann lost focus on the kick out, so Shamrock secured an armbar. Swann’s leg was under the ropes for a break.

Shamrock caught Swann’s foot on a kick for an ankle lock. The champ crawled to the ropes, but the referee did not force a clean break. Shamrock transitioned to a rear naked choke in the center of the ring. Swann bridged over the top to lean on Shamrock’s shoulders. The ref counted thrice as Shamrock’s shoulders were on the mat with the choke still intact for Swann to retain.

Shamrock disputed the finish and hilariously punched the pudgy ref in the gut. It is tough to tell from the camera angle if Shamrock has a rightful complaint. Yes, he was pinned clean, but we can’t see if Swann was out from the choke.

After the match, Callihan returned for a package piledriver to Swann. Callihan brought out a baseball bat, so Eddie Edwards ran in for the save. Good friend but bad move. Callihan busted Edwards bloody in the head. D’Lo Brown came down to break it up, so Shamrock punched him. The two goons were eventually separated from their victims.

Shamrock definitely has certain physical limitations with his knees, but the match was put together well to both protect Shamrock and showcase his dangerous skills. The year 2020 has been quite unpredictable. One thing I never anticipated was seeing Shamrock pummel D’Lo like it was the good ole days.

Do you think Shamrock has a case for a rematch? Do you want to see Shamrock vs D’Lo in 2020? Should D’Lo call in Aces & Eights as backup?

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