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Impact recap & reactions: Heath was accosted by a giant shirtless cowboy

Impact Wrestling (Nov. 17, 2020) featured the Rascalz’ farewell, the Knockouts tag title tournament getting started, Heath having an angry visitor, and Johnny Swinger becoming the lead suspect in the shooting of John E. Bravo.

The night belonged to the Rascalz as they wrestled their final match in Impact, but there was another incident that requires attention post haste.

Stop the presses. Impact has a wild, shirtless cowboy giant roaming the Impact Zone with bad intentions. At Turning Point, Eric Young escorted Joe Doering into the venue to send a violent message to the locker room. On last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling, Young did the same as Doering ruined a match between Suicide and Gio.

Young grabbed a mic to show us the truth. He told us that the world belongs to them.

Rhino confronted Young and Doering backstage. He claimed to understand their motive, but he wouldn’t let it happen around here. They pummeled Rhino then creeped up on Heath behind closed doors.

Heath! Heath? Heath! Poor guy. He’s currently injured with a groin tear, so he couldn’t possibly properly defend himself against two deranged hooligans. For Heath’s sake, let’s hope he distracted them with his rock skills to make a safe escape.

In other news, there may have been a key break in the case of who shot John E. Bravo. Detective Tommy Dreamer inspected the Deaners, and they tipped Dreamer off to the gun in Johnny Swinger’s fanny pack. Dreamer brought in the Swingman for questioning. Swinger had the firearm hanging out of his waist pouch, so Dreamer assumed guilt and called for the return of Wrestler’s Court next week.

Let’s roll through the rest of the Impact Wrestling episode.

Moose defeated Willie Mack in no DQ. Mack punked Moose early until Moose ole’d him over the guardrail. Moose dished out a beatdown with a message to Rich Swann about pain. Mack came back with a Samoan drop, standing moonsault, and a swinging slam, but he missed the frog splash to finish it. Moose hit a spear then mounted Mack to drop brutal elbows. The referee called for the bell after noticing Mack was out cold.

The Rascalz reminisced about Treehouse memories. The lights went out since they didn’t pay the bill.

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee were ready for the Knockouts tag title tournament. Purrazzo was keen on winning two belts. The screen flashed, and a message from Su Yung appeared on the mirror. It was a threat to Purrazzo for next week.

Brian Myers defeated Crazzy Steve. Myers escaped a maneuver by punching Steve in the eye. Myers finished it with a clobbering clothesline.

Knockouts tag title tournament: Havok & Nevaeh defeated Tenille Dashwood & Alisha Edwards. Dashwood actually cooperated with her partner this time, but it wasn’t enough. A teamwork wheelbarrow cutter did the deal for Havok & Nevaeh to advance to the tournament semifinals.

Jordynne Grace was on the phone with her mystery partner. Overheard hints were that this person was going to retire but agreed to give it a shot with Grace.

Hernandez defeated Fallah Bahh. They were fighting over stolen cash. It was big men dishing out heavy hits. Super Mex took to the air for a flying splash in the end.

Rohit Raju complained to Scott D’Amore about Young stealing his spotlight. Rohit exited, then TJP entered. TJP won’t get another X-Division title shot against Rohit, but D’Amore hinted that another persona could get the opportunity. (TJP used to be the masked man Manik.)

Ethan Page requested a rematch for the tag titles against the Good Brothers. Page offered to fight anyone to earn the match. The Good Brothers had someone phenomenal in mind.

Rich Swann & Trey Miguel defeated Dez & Wentz. (Full details here.) This was the final Impact bout for all three Rascalz. In the end, Dez and Wentz missed Hot Fire Flame. Trey flew in for a double knee to Dez. Swann put down Dez for three on a precision head kick.

After the match, Sami Callihan and Ken Shamrock assaulted all four men backstage. Shamrock has a world title match against Swann next week.

The send-off for the Rascalz was as good as it could have been. The match was popping, tears were streaming, and they elevated Sami Callihan as a real callous jerk on their way out. The only thing missing was live fans to give them a deserving ovation.

I don’t think Johnny Swinger is guilty. Tommy Dreamer should face sanctions from Wrestler’s Court for bringing up charges without digging deeper. Swinger may be a slimeball, but I refuse to believe he would risk ruining an evening with bridesmaids to shoot John E. Bravo.

The mystery for Jordynne Grace’s partner has me stumped. The first two names that came to mind were Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, but those two don’t quite fit. Kim is already retired, and it wouldn’t make sense for Grace to have a phone conversation with Rayne while she was on commentary duties during the show. I guess it could be Kylie Rae, but that would be a pretty quick turnaround from her mental health issues.

One final bit of news. Impact is offering the full Turning Point event from last weekend for free on YouTube. Impact is also auctioning the red mist artwork created by Deonna Purrazzo using the canvas to block Su Yung’s evil spit.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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