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Impact Turning Point 2020 recap: Deonna Purrazzo blocked red mist to win Knockouts Championship

Impact brought the fireworks with two title changes and a new cowboy enforcer for Eric Young at the Turning Point special event last night (Nov. 14, 2020).

New Knockouts Champion

Deonna Purrazzo entered Su Yung’s world for a no DQ match in an effort to regain the Knockouts Championship. Kimber Lee had been disposed of previously in the week, so Purrazzo was rolling solo. She entered with the confidence of a true Virtuosa.

In the early-going, Su wanted the mandible claw, while Purrazzo weakened the arm to set up plans for her armbar finisher. Purrazzo was the one to bring out the toys. She put plenty of plunder in the ring; chairs, kendo stick, trashcan lid, cookie sheets, and a white canvas for painting. Violence ensued.

Su took Purrazzo out with a Pedigree on the entrance stage.

Su tried to end the fight with a Panic Switch. Purrazzo escaped and used the canvas to block red mist. Purrazzo then smashed the object over Su’s head.

Purrazzo put a chair around Su’s neck then went right into a Venus de Milo double armbar. Su was lifeless, so Purrazzo released the hold. The referee did the status check by raising Su’s arm three times. In dramatic fashion, Su revived on the third arm lift.

Su came back with the mandible claw to force Purrazzo down to the mat. Su then choked Purrazzo with a white rope. Purrazzo used the rope to flip Su off the turnbuckles. The challenger seized the moment for a Gotch piledriver to become champ. Purrazzo won the Knockouts title for the second time.

Rich Swann overcomes nemesis

The main event saw a riveting affair between Rich Swann and nemesis Sami Callihan. The match was made with little build just to be a high profile fight, however, Impact relied on video packages of their past feud to tell the story on this evening. The Impact World Championship was on the line.

Swann tweaked his knee early on a flip, so that’s where Callihan focused his strategy. Swann stayed alive with a variety of nimble kicks at opportune moments. Callihan was close to victory on a buckle bomb and a brainbuster, but the champ would not stay down.

Big moves followed. Swann hit a flipping splash. Callihan answered with a cradle piledriver then a second piledriver on the apron. As Callihan tried to toss Swann into the ring, Swann bounced back for a surprise cutter.

Callihan played possum to unload a heavy clothesline. Swann escaped a piledriver and whipped a spinning head kick. Swann climbed the corner for a Phoenix splash. Ken Shamrock came down before lift-off. Eddie Edwards brawled with Shamrock before any contact with Swann.

Callihan used the distraction to grab Swann’s leg and pull him off the turnbuckles. Swann flipped out for a kick. After three spinning head kicks, Swann measured with precision for one final head kick to put Callihan down for the three count. Swann retained his title.

Let’s blitz through the rest of Turning Point.

Good Brothers defeat The North to win the Impact tag titles. (Full details here.) Karl Anderson was the hero with a spinebuster and Gun Stun leading to the teamwork Magic Killer finisher.

Moose dominated Willie Mack. This bout was technically for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Moose methodically manhandled Mack for much of the match. Moose was intent on sending a message to Rich Swann in dishing out pain to Mack. The end looked near for Mack after a superplex. Moose ran the ropes for a spear, but Mack leapfrogged and countered with a discus lariat. A Samoan drop and standing moonsault came next. Moose survived. He pushed Mack into the ropes when shedding a stunner attempt. Moose crushed Mack with a spear to win. Right after the pin, Moose laid in extra elbow shots. The referee immediately reversed the decision to award Mack a DQ victory.

Defeat Rohit Challenge. Rohit Raju successfully defended the X-Division Championship in an open challenge against Cousin Jake. It was a full match with no cheap exit from Rohit. Jake had a cool moment of catching a spear then countering into a sitdown powerbomb.

Rohit resorted to a throat strike for winning momentum. That stunned Jake and allowed Rohit to attack for a jumping knee and a running knee to the head for victory.

Large cowboy. After Rohit’s win, Eric Young escorted a rather large, shirtless cowboy down to the ring to dismantle the Deaners. That man is named Joe Doering.

Chris Sabin & James Storm defeated XXXL. Sabin and Storm worked well as a team in this lengthy bout. In the end, Sabin dodged a belly bump sandwich from the heavies. Storm pounced for a Codebreaker to Acey Romero. Sabin followed with a step-up head kick, then Storm came with a superkick for success. If Sabin and Storm do become a tag team in Impact, then their name will likely be Beer Guns.

Brian Myers defeated Swoggle. Myers wanted Swoggle to lie down and take the pin, but Swoggle wanted to prove himself as a serious wrestler. Swoggle had early momentum until Myers took control over the smaller man. Swoggle came back with a big German suplex.

Swoggle hit a tadpole splash, but Myers kicked out on the cover. Myers clobbered Swoggle with a clothesline to win. Afterward, Myers unloaded extra punches. Crazzy Steve ran in for the save.

Taya & Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood & Jordynne Grace. The story going in was Dashwood trying to earn Grace’s trust as reluctant partners for the upcoming Knockouts tag title tournament. Dashwood was too focused on creating photo content for social media and skipped out on tag moments. Grace mostly fought a handicap match and couldn’t overcome. Rosemary stretched Grace in the ropes then hit a butterfly buttbuster for victory.

Later, Tenille Dashwood formed a team with Alisha Edwards as the enemy of my enemy being my friend. They will compete in the Knockouts tag title tournament.

Eddie Edwards defeated Daivari. Basic match with a cheesy finish. Daivari was caught with his feet on the ropes on a roll-up. He argued with the referee then turned around into a Boston Knee Party from Edwards.

Johnny’s got a gun. Cody Deaner was angry with Cousin Jake for his unintentional role in Cody’s loss to Johnny Swinger. Cody was also stressed about being accused of murder. They left to find Swinger and redeem the Deaner name. Later, they found Swinger’s fanny pack, which had a gun inside. That makes Swinger a prime suspect in the shooting of John E. Bravo.

The top three title fights were the highlight of Turning Point. I somewhat expected the Good Brothers to win tag gold. A loss would have done them no favors in going 0-2 in their first championship opportunities. Business was handled to make them strong champs. Deonna Purrazzo taking back the Knockouts Championship was a shocker. She did it with style too by creatively blocking Su Yung’s red mist. There was no doubt Rich Swann would retain the world title, and yet it was the best bout of the evening. Swann and Sami Callihan have good chemistry in telling a story. The build going into the event was nothing special, but those two still made the hatred come across hot.

The other two notable moments were Eric Young bringing in an enforcer and the Deaners finding a gun in Johnny Swinger’s fanny pack. It is a curious choice to see Young recruit assistance after he got to the top in a solo manner. Young is a crazy man, so it will be interesting to see what kind of relationship he has with Joe Doering. Doering comes from All Japan Pro Wrestling, where he held the Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship twice.

As for Swinger and his gun, I suspect that will be a red herring. He probably has it for protection from back in the territory days, daddy. Knowing the Swingman, it might not even be a real gun. It could be a fancy baby oil dispenser or a way to hide his muscle gimmicks.

Turning Point is available on the Impact Plus app.

Share your thoughts on Turning Point. Who stole the show? Do you like the two title changes? Does the appearance of Joe Doering excite you?

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