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Rohit Raju defied the odds to retain the X-Division Championship against TJP

Rohit Raju has had a sneaky run as X-Division Champion. He’s stolen wins, taken intentional count-outs, lost then changed the rules to a non-title affair, and basically used as many underhanded tactics as possible to sit atop the X-Division mountain.

It was now time to put up or shut up against TJP on Impact Wrestling (Nov. 10, 2020) for Rohit’s toughest challenge to date. A win by Rohit would exile TJP from any future title shots as long as Rohit was champ, but the catch that Rohit had to win without using any tricks.

TJP struck first to attack before the opening bell as the two brawled on the floor. TJP got the edge with a suplex on the stage. TJP was in complete control early. Rohit pulled the referee in harm’s way of a charging TJP. The hesitation to not steamroll the ref allowed Rohit to go on the attack. TJP came back with a tornado DDT and a surfboard submission.

TJP kept his momentum strong until missing a mamba splash. Rohit swooped in for a crossface. TJP rolled out and secured a knee bar. The champ would not quit. He crawled to the ropes then grabbed his title belt with cheating intentions. The ref snatched the foreign object away from Rohit. In the hullabaloo, Rohit smashed TJP’s stones with a mule kick. A running knee won the match.

Rohit remains your X-Division kingpin, while TJP will be forced to focus on a new challenge. It will be interesting to see if Rohit’s crafty win will have repercussions. EVP Scott D’Amore adamantly stated that TJP deserved a clean shot with no tricks. Technically, there is wiggle room for a rematch after that low blow.

Rohit’s hard work has not gone unnoticed by his peers. Perennial jerkface Sami Callihan shared praise for his fellow wrestler.

Did you think Rohit would be so good in his current role as X-Division Champion when he first won the title? What would you like to see next for TJP?

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