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Impact recap & reactions: EC3’s funeral of the century was a major letdown

Impact Wrestling (Oct. 6, 2020) continued on the road to Bound for Glory. Jordynne Grace was added to the X-Division title mix, Heath still has no contract, and EC3 said goodbye to the TNA Heavyweight Championship.

One of the much hyped segments was EC3 having the funeral of the century for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. That segment was an outdoor scene lasting 38 seconds and was a major letdown.

Last week, EC3 talked a big game about setting the title belt on fire and destroying it in the funeral of the century. Last night, EC3 dropped it into a river. That’s all.

That action does fit the overall message of leaving things in the past to control your narrative. And technically, EC3 didn’t lie. He said he would give the belt the funeral it deserves. By treating it as an unimportant material object, dumping it like garbage is fitting. The story is intriguing, but it makes for underwhelming TV when dragged out little by little over months. I was hoping for some wild over-the-top sports entertainment, so this funeral resulted in a feeling of disappointment.

Let’s roll through the episode from beginning to end.

Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne handled commentary duties.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Myers. This was a rematch from Victory Road. Myers won the first encounter. He disqualified himself here via the use of a kendo stick. Myers hit his elevated DDT finisher, but Dreamer kicked out. Myers was so frustrated that he took to a violent level by taking out a kendo stick. He swung hard but missed when Dreamer ducked. Dreamer took Myers down with a Russian leg sweep. The Innovator of Violence snatched the wooden instrument of pain. Myers pleaded mercy to his wrestling dad. As Dreamer hesitated, Myers poked him in the eye. That led to several vicious kendo whacks from Myers to a screaming Dreamer.

EVP Scott D’Amore had to come back to stop the attack. Being the most professional wrestler that Myers is, he calmed down and exited without further escalation.

Moose searched a hotel gym and indoor parking lot for his TNA Heavyweight Championship. He looked through every nook and cranny.

John E. Bravo complained that his wedding to Rosemary is costing a fortune. He demanded money from his crew of best men. As lead best man, Fallah Bahh took it upon himself to locate some cash. Talk of money led to a tag match between Johnny Swinger & young boy Crazzy Steve versus the Deaners.

Jordynne Grace defeated Rohit Raju in the Defeat Rohit Challenge. (Full details here.) Willie Mack answered the call first, but Rohit denied his entry since Mack already had his opportunity at Victory Road. Enter Jordynne Grace. She won in seconds on a surprise roll-up as Mack distracted the champ, but Rohit claimed it was non-title.

Backstage, D’Amore scheduled a 6-way for X-Division gold at Bound for Glory on October 24. Rohit will defend against Mack, Grace, TJP, Trey Miguel, and Chris Bey.

Hernandez was strutting with his cash when Bahh challenged him to an arm wrestling wager. Bahh bumped into Hernandez and spilled his beverage on Super Mex.

Rascalz defeated XXXL. This was another rematch from Victory Road. Rascalz picked up the second win in a row. Acey Romero accidentally clotheslined Larry D. Wentz superkicked Acey out of the ring. Hot Fire Flame earned victory.

As Hernandez was showering, Bahh snuck in to steal Hernandez’s wad of cash.

Rich Swann’s rehab setback. The doctor believed Swann was ready today for his World Championship match against Eric Young at Bound for Glory. Young was in disguise and attacked Swann. He smashed Swann’s ankle with a kettlebell.

Motor City Machine Guns were interrupted by the Good Brothers. Alex Shelly mouthed off. The Good Brothers meant it when they say they have a target on MCMG, but they will act as guardian angels to protect them until the four-way tag title bout at Bound for Glory.

Rosemary & Taya defeated Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz. Taya got the hot tag to run wild. When Rosemary came back in, Steelz sucker kicked Taya. Rosemary attacked with a spear and butterfly butt buster to win.

Havok and Nevaeh had been watching the previous match backstage and issued a challenge to both teams in a three-way.

Deaners defeated Johnny Swinger & Crazzy Steve. The Swingman tried to use Steve’s monkey to hit Cody, but Steve wouldn’t allow the animal abuse. He grabbed his monkey away from Swinger. That allowed Cody the opportunity to hit a DDT for victory.

Kylie Rae snapped. The normally jubilant Rae was angered about Deonna Purrazzo breaking Susie’s arm at Victory Road. When Kimber Lee rubbed it in, Rae exploded with punches. Rae was shocked at her own behavior.

Heath’s contract negotiations. (Full details here.) D’Amore had a contract idea for Heath, but Heath brought his own paperwork. D’Amore didn’t agree with the dollar amount. Tensions escalated and D’Amore threw Heath’s contract into the air. Heath left without a deal. He blamed Rhino for advice to turn down a WWE offer and come to Impact.

EC3 dumped the TNA Heavyweight Championship into a river.

Ken Shamrock had regrets about attacking Eddie Edwards. Sami Callihan loudly explained that the people want to see the old Ken as the World’s Most Dangerous Man. He pumped up Shamrock, who then raged on some random dude in the back.

Motor City Machine Guns defeated Ace Austin & Madman Fulton. The big man’s power was the x-factor. MCMG had to find a way to overcome Fulton’s dominance. Madman had Alex Shelley up for a slam, but Shelley escaped for a rear naked choke hanging off Fulton’s back. Chris Sabin flew him, but Madman goozled him. Sabin broke free to dropkick both knees. MCMG hit a double superkick then a combo chokeslam suplex.

Ace took to the air for the save, but Shelley moved. Ace landed on Fulton instead. A quick teamwork attack took out Ace. Madman countered a double suplex into suplexing both opponents. That’s when The North came down to the ring with a chair. The Good Brothers ran in to throw blows with The North. Luke Gallows slipped an uppercut to Fulton. MCMG pounced with their teamwork finisher of a falling neckbreaker and diving splash to win.

This episode of Impact Wrestling was equal parts humdrum and good story advancement. If you didn’t watch Victory Road, then the whole show probably felt fresh. If you did watch Victory Road, then the first half of the show with so many rematches was not too cool.

In hindsight, the swerve with Willie Mack answering the Defeat Rohit Challenge was creative to get Jordynne Grace in the title picture. At the time though, I was shaking my head at the idea of Mack getting a second opportunity.

Nevertheless, the ring action was still entertaining and it gave us this glorious move from XXXL.

They also did a back and forth belly bump to poor Dez. I now strongly want XXXL to adapt their style and become wrestling orcs. Smash and destroy.

The story setups toward Bound for Glory are looking smooth. Dreamer fighting in Old School Rules to teach Myers a lesson should be enjoyable. The 6-way X-Division scramble makes sense for all the participants. The tag title four-way is treading water, but the warm-up matches have been really good.

Kylie Rae showing rage was an interesting twist. I’m wondering how Susie’s goodness and Su Yung’s evilness will play a factor in Kylie’s attitude against Deonna Purrazzo. Eric Young’s surprise attack on Swann made me laugh out loud at the ruthlessness from the World Class Maniac. Of course, Swann will recover, but he’ll sure be at a disadvantage.

The standout performance to me was Taya. She busted out suplexes and different moves. That’s the Taya I love to watch. Her overreliance on John E. Bravo was wearing thin and making her formulaic in the ring. I hope Taya continues on this forward path with Rosemary.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. Who stole the show?

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